I am Looking for a Partner

I have been exercising in the morning. Assya usually watches me from our bed or her rocker. And Zoard is either folding clothes on our bed, getting his friends dressed up or he is painting.

So as you can imagine, my exercising routine is quick and you can even do it in the company of two children in the room.

It would help me if I would know that someone else is doing the exercising with me.

We could drop each other a message once we completed the daily exercising.

Here it is.

I do the 4 workouts 3 times as you can read about it in the post.

It takes less than 20 minutes.

I listen to this while I do the workouts. I think I repeat the song 3 or 4 times.

All you need is a towel and it is nicer to do the whole workout in shoes.

You can contact me on Instagram @zoardminiboy and we can talk about the details of our partnership.


I gave birth 3 months ago and I breastfeed. The exercising I am hoping you will join me in, will not affect your milk supply.

And yes, my nursing top can be bought online here.

I will hopefully get healthy with you!

xoxo, Eszter




Would You Like To Be Nice With Me?

One of my aim with this post is to share my good news with You!

But first let me write a tiny bit about my story for those who are reading my blog for the very first time.

My husband, my baby and I flew back to Thailand in June after a year of living in Spain (where my husband studied and we were both beyond happy because of my pregnancy – I gave birth in Barcelona 7 months ago).

What are we doing now and where does the BEING NICE come in the picture?

We live in a five star hotel (my husband is the general manager) where I take care of Zoárd mostly on my own.

I was able to notice 5 nice things about my day. 
I would really appreciate it if you would add some of the nice things of Your day in the comments below. Deal?!

The 5 nice things I picked out are not going to include being with Zoárd because then my whole post would end up with pictures as such:
Notice who has the camera’s string in his hand?! HAHA

Traveling- NICE!
Here comes the good news: tomorrow morning we are leaving the island for a night in Bangkok!!!

Being spontaneous- NICE!
I found myself reading the comments of two women discussing a book they both loved. The book is about Italy. It is called A Room With a View. I have never read this kind of a book before but I wanted to do something that was not expected of me. I ordered this book on to my Kindle in less than a minute!

Exercising- NICE!
I did 60 minutes on the elliptic trainer. (While Zoárd slept in his stroller).

Eating- NICE!
Our friend Dong brought over a banoffee pie and a Japanese caramel cheese cake. Yumm!

Not being alone- NICE!
I ate my dinner by myself but a very positive thought came to my mind that I have kind people reading my blog! 

How Do Others Do It?

This I know is an advantage of living in a hotel: the gym. 

I do not know how other parents can exercise WITH their babies but I prefer to take the easier route: exercising WITHOUT him.

I quickly change in to my “sports clothes” and carry Zoárd down to the gym as soon as I see that he is ready for his second nap of the day. I rock him to sleep since his stroller is already waiting for him by the reception desk. 

And after that I hop on the treadmill and feel super grateful. I like to listen to music to help me pass time because at times I run for an hour. 

What music works for you while exercising? Or do you like sweating in silence?