Do You Have a Favorite Ritual or Routine?

I think people of all ages can feel an inner balance when they have something (besides having SOMEONE to trust) they can count on. Even if you love spontaneity. Yes, I am talking about You! HAHA

Zoard is 18 months old now. He wakes up pretty much when we wake up around 6 or 7?


While my husband makes sure that the hotel we live in has a happy gym, I take Zoard outside.

Outside to Zoard means leaving the hotel room we all live in. I take pictures of him around the hotel areas. I would like him to become a rep. for a brand one day so I am practicing for that…


The hotel is on a mountain so we have lots of stairs which is great because you can enjoy the view from everywhere. And it helps me when I am trying to capture Zoard…


 We live in the jungle, this is not to be confused with a “garden” so I can never leave Zoard to wonder off a bit but being part of a great adventure always has its give and take.

BREAKFAST RITUALS – oh do comment on this one please!!!

We only eat our lunch in the hotel’s restaurant (so we mostly eat in our room) because we feel it is more respectful towards the hotel’s guests if they can focus on their romantic vacation or dealing with their own family and they do not have to pay any attention to our Zoard. Zoard is a sweetheart and a charmer but he has a hard time tolerating high chairs, baby seats…

Therefor, the two of us have a breakfast ritual. I take out my overnight oats from the minibar (refrigerator for us) and I mix up Zoard’s oats with plain greek yogurt.


The ritual consists of Zoard feeding me and I feed him. I need to be honest with You, he needs to get better with the ratios. I like the same amount of oats, dried pears and coconuts in my mouth. And I like them ONLY in my mouth. Please tell me about your breakfast!

I would like to give credit to the lovely Ase. Without her I would not know what overnight oats are. Check out her blog and her tips on healthy breakfasts for example here.


I try to take Zoard to the hotel’s kids’ club (which Zoard and I call the playroom) around 10 o’clock. Before that, I take him swimming (which is followed by a bath or a shower) or I try to motivate him to let me edit some pictures by explaining to him step by step what I am doing. He likes to take out the memory card from my camera or charge the camera’s battery… But many times he is just impatient with me (poor me HAHA) telling me that he wants to go outside.





I noticed (it was not hard) that Zoard enjoys playing the most when I am half an arm away from him. If you ask me, I am a playful and creative person but my idea of having fun in the playroom is messing around on Instagram (my account name is krokovayeszter) while Zoard plays with something joyfully. 



I know You must be eager to find out what we do at lunch time and after that but let us leave some excitement for tomorrow’s blog post.

Any rituals you love in your weekdays or weekends?



Posting Every Single Day This Month

If I can add pictures, I am doing this!

This is working! What a relief! OK here is my idea… Sometimes it is not easy to get back on the horse (blogging) and it is nice to know that others are in the same shoes or boat as you are. 

Care to join me?

We should post every single day in August. This is how you make a habit of something, right?!

I will probably write about what it is like living in a hotel and taking care of a toddler. A rather cute toddler… See the picture above?! I asked him to smile for the camera and thanks to him I have a perfect baby and mommy selfie in my hands. Yes, I have a tiny hole on my top. Perfection is a bit boring, right?!

I will meet You here tomorrow. Or on Instagram. My account name is: krokovayeszter.

Selfie With Baby

I wished this to be a fun post and not a gloomy one so I did a tiny bit of research on what a selfie is. As odd as it may seem but it was only a few months back that I first heard this expression. I was at a cafe with a friend and I told her that I am amazed by the pictures my husband’s teenage sister posts on Facebook because I have a feeling I am missing out on a phenomenon. “She is taking selfies of herself” -was my friend’s clever explanation.

Later, I also found out that it is anything but cool to ask a teenager about her selfies. I was honestly curious: “so how did you come up with the idea of taking pictures of your boobs?”. The answer was wage something about just messing around with friends. The body language however, was clear as water: “let’s drop it!”.

If you feel like learning about selfies, I strongly suggest wikipedia to start out with. You will realize for example, that you are reading about the word of the year (in 2013)…

I would love to encourage any of you to share links to selfie related posts of yours in my comment below. 

My little project popped out of my head because my husband is away on business. I take pictures for him every day and so far I have seven to share with You. But wait! Could you let me know what you personally think about the selfie phenomenon? I am a curious person, it would be nice to know…


Taking Your Mother on your First Date

It fascinates me that I am Zoárd’s PR. I go on play dates with him and I am really the one who needs to make a good impression. Who could turn down Zoárd for a second date?! He looks cute just hanging around a shoe store.


Tomorrow will be our 6th play date since last week so I am really trying my best. I know, it even sounds odd but it is true: I feel that there is a tiny bit of pressure on me to behave “attractively”. I cannot exactly pin down what is attractive for the other mothers (though today we are going on a play date with a dad, it is mostly moms, we get to meet and babies of course!).

Last week was a first time for me, not just with the play dates and play groups. I used the subway for the first time. I chose the easy way to travel: with a carrier. I am sure someone would eventually help us at the stairs but I prefer my freedom. So we left the stroller at home.

I am sure most of you know that babies do not play with each other. They play next to each other.

And when I thought I will be able to take tons of cute “babies communicating with one and other” shots. I was wrong but I caught this one by chance.

I have to say  that socializing is really what Zoárd and I needed, after Thailand but I still need to be careful not to rush things. I am the type who meets a nice couple or a nice person and already dreams about going on a holiday with them.

Some of the play dates Zoárd and I have been on are in a group. This way Zoárd can watch the older babies and I can watch the mommies who are a pro.

Last week, I planned all my outfits to these events. I think this week I will be more relaxed about it. 

Do you think you are helping your children make more friends? How do you behave when you enter a group of strangers?

We Left The Hotel But Who is Counting?

I used to count the times we actually left the hotel we live in.
It is nice to see a little of the island. If you would like to sit back and enjoy some of the pictures I took here is a post that you will like for sure:

May I announce proudly that I hadn’t eaten a dessert for more than two weeks now! But it wasn’t always like this:

This was a trip to a rum distillery:

Fisherman Village is a walking street which is rare on this island:

As for today. Zoárd and I accompanied my husband to our friend’s shop. He is also a big supplier for hotels (as well as our good friend). Would you like to see what is in his shop?

It is impossible not to notice the glass wear.

My husband really fancied this one. Did you spot its shape? Oh my husband wakes up super early to go to gym and he is also in great shape. I am sure he will appreciate reading this. HAHA (You know I love you!!!)

I think these are decorations which you can buy if you can picture them in your fancy restaurant or hotel. Anything You like?

The bird cages in Thailand are gorgeous. It is popular to keep singing birds as a pet but some also take them out for singing competitions. One of the drivers at our hotel brings his bird in time to time. Interesting, isn’t?!

This is a huge spoon. We are feeding Zoárd. Little inside joke.

This is outside the shop.

These are not dogs. (OK, OK…) The male Chinese lion is holding a ball. The female is holding her child under her palm.

Our friend is expanding his shop. It will be 3 floor tall. We looked at the constructions a tiny bit. I am not a fan in general. I like to see when something is finished. HAHA But he said a dog gave birth here and we can see the puppies. I wanted to take a picture but the mama dog did not allow it…

This is a torch! I think the concept was that I pretend to be a cave woman. Hm. HAHA

I hope you enjoyed my pictures! Where did You go when you last left your home?


Weekend Photo Challenge : /Week 1/ Cuddly And More…

I am trying to do this the right way.  Sarah even sent me a print screen of how this should look like. Sarah’s blog is and that is where I read about the photo challenge which will go on for 8 weeks. 

I am not so good at following rules but at the same time I like to take it seriously when others initiate a game. Playfulness is important for me. And though I never really belonged to a community or a group of people it is something I desire.

I was very happy to read the themes for this project. Cuddling is the title for this Saturday. I am in LOVE with my boys and moments as such are very precious to me.

OK. Where is the twist?

I am not sure whether I am supposed to stop at this point or not… I would like to share other things I did this morning…

I researched on a couple of things.
One was a question I had about a facial expression that Zoárd picked up a couple of days ago. Now I know that it is called scrunching.


We found this cute and funny but as a psychologist I tend to be analytical at times: I started to think what if something is bothering him.  It was hard to find info on this because I thought sniffing might be a good keyword…

If you want to see very cool people who tried to copy childhood pictures and poses you will love this collection:

What else did I do? We are a bit indecisive on how to create a free space for Zoárd in our hotel room where we live in.


The floor might be an excellent quality but it rubs your skin off if you happen to be a commando type of crawler. (I just looked up the term! Babies who drag themselves forward with their arms while their belly is on the floor. This was my side note. HAHA)

I am trying to put our few soft belongings on the floor to protect Zoárd but this is the second day we are experimenting with this because I know that it is not ideal.

If you are wondering why there is a hug bag bundle next to Zoárd on the picture… Housekeeping does our laundry (except for our beloved cloth diapers) and I let Zoárd play with it supervised. Is it dumb to let his little fingers get used to touching bags which are a source of hazard? 

Next topic! 
We live in a five star hotel but I haven’t used its spa since we came back to the island. I only leave Zoárd with his daddy after 5 for an hour when I use the gym. So my only chance would be to ask for someone to come up to our room from the spa at nap time… I tried twice now but the spa was always busy and we do not believe in flashing the wild card: “I am your boss’s wife!”.

I am really bad at doing things that involve being good with your hands but I managed to paint my nails after a year of not having nail polish on. This calls for a celebration! Right?!

PS: many times I order thin noodles with scrambled eggs and tomatoes. That is what you can see on my plate. What?! What would You order from the kitchen if you were a picky vegetarian?!

Before I finish this post. Since I think this turned out to be a baby related post… I have a question. 

Is it OK to let a baby play with your tennis shoes? No, not a brand new pair…


Are You Adult Enough?

Go ahead ask me!
“Are you adult enough?” “Are you RESPONSIBLE?”

I am sure my parenting skills would be questioned no matter where we lived. Questioned but in a curious way. I hope.

Do they give out a different kind of diploma-“for being a good mother” if you live in a strange environment?

How do You handle these situations? I really want to know. Really, really, really.


Situation number 1:
Eating unhealthy food.
I do it time to time. Maybe often now that we moved back in to the hotel.
It is so difficult for me to eat at the restaurant with Zoárd.
The mini bar is small. We have to put the left overs from the previous night in it.
These 2 pies hardly had any room. So I ate most of them for breakfast. Baaaaaaaaaaad!

Situation number 2 already in a question form:
“How do you watch those who need watching while washing your hair?”
Those who need watching… I was very secretive with this…HAHA
I think there was no hot water in the morning.
So I had to wash my hair when I was already dressed. Zoárd was on the floor. Waiting for his new diaper.

Situation number 3:
Fresh air.
It is so freaking hot outside. And I cannot put Zoárd down in the grass. Snakes, scorpions…
Look at the picture again. We are on top of the squash court. This is not real grass…

Situation number 4:
I asked my husband yesterday: what would you do differently if you were me?
He said he would leave the room more often and chat with the hotel’s guests.
So I took his advice out of curiosity to see if it would make a difference in my day.
My pick-up-line was: “could you take a picture of me please?” The couple that I approached took a picture of Zoárd and I using group effort.
And our new friendship ended here.
I feel strange around people who are on a holiday. When I am not on MY holiday. Does this make sense?!

Situation number 5:
I used to be good at focusing on Zoárd. And I am still not horrible but sometimes I wish someone would play with him a little while I do my own things. And I am not proud of having these thoughts when I am actually with him.

I Forgot To Put My Pants On


You see the dress I am wearing? It is not practical for breastfeeding. I took it off while I nursed Zoárd to sleep. 

I was playing around with some of the pictures I took today when I heard: “housekeeping”. 
I pulled away the curtains and started showing with all my body language that even though Zoárd is asleep they should not be shy to come in. 
The guy was the strangest. Zero eye contact. Fine. I know it is not easy stepping in to the general manager’s home. But it is the same scenario over and over again.
Odd that they still cannot loosen up a bit.

After they left, Zoárd woke up and I kneeled down to change his diaper. The diaper needed some scrubbing (cloth diapering…). I walked to the sink and looked in the mirror. Naturally I saw myself in my V-neck nursing top and my underwear because this is what you see if you are not wearing any pants, skirts, SOMETHING to cover yourself up.

Very good: dee mak! It is the perfect behavior expected from the big boss’s wife. Probably the super short dress I had on earlier would have made no difference. Mainly because it was sold as a tank top! HAHA

Is it a coincidence that two hours ago I took a funny picture of Zoárd wearing my shorts on his head? There is Karma for you! 

I originally planed on posting the story of how we picked out Zoárd’s name. I took the spot light from my baby… Oh well… there is always tomorrow.
I think Zoárd loves us with or without pants but I am happy he is not at the age where I would have embarrassed him.

Have you ever stepped out of your home with a facial mask on; in your nightgown or PJs; perhaps without pants on…?


Zoárd Was Born 7 Months Ago Today: Postpartum Post

This time I have every reason to feel nervous about my posting. I have done my research, I have been “preparing properly” for this post.

For some reason, I felt I want to do a very honest postpartum post. HAHA That sounds good. I started reading other women’s writings on the matter and I managed to find someone post on the negative affects that a postpartum post can have. Like it can hurt other people’s feelings who are “not quite there yet”. 

Since I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight I thought “OK maybe I have to be careful here”. My second thought came soon after: “Seriously?! I should worry about someone feeling hurt because I am back to my normal weight?!”

Lets cut to the point. I am recording to myself and to whom ever is interested in where I am standing 7 months after Zoárd was born. For me it gave hope to read postpartum summaries so maybe I can create good feelings too. 


I can only provide two measurements since these are what I know.

I am 156 cm-s. (5 foot 1) I did not grow after giving birth.
I am 47 kg-s. (103.6 pounds) Same as I was before. Or maybe 1 kg less since I had more muscles back then.

Oh I do know that I gained about 12 kg-s during my pregnancy. I gave birth on the 41st week.

I do not know anything about cup sizes. I decided not to wear a bra more than ten years ago. My breasts are small and though they are bigger now because of breastfeeding they do not cause a huge difference in my life. Well… I need sports bras with strong support.

Skin and hair:

I started letting my hair out a week ago. Maybe I am just wishfully imagining but I think my intensive hair loss got better. It was bad. 

My skin on my face became better. My varicose veins got worst. Wow tongue twister! HAHA

My belly button is my big sadness. They became saggy. I will give them another five months. Yes, I am generous. 

My linea nigra is still showing but it became much, much lighter. I keep away from the sun.

C-section scar:

If you look close to the picture I am posting you will see it. There is not much I can report about it besides that it is there and I wish it wasn’t. Oh well…


I would love to participate in physical activities that make you sweat a lot. Unfortunately, I have had hip- and knee issues since I gave birth. I bought a pregnancy belt that I wear when I carry Zoárd with the carrier and I think it helps. My legs don’t hurt anymore unless I start running. A month ago I ran for 70 minutes and that really, really made things worst. Hopefully things will improve on this area. I would love to do yoga, running etc once Zoárd will be older.


I don’t have hunger attacks as I had even 3 months ago. However, I have to eat five times a day and I do wake up feeling extremely hungry in the morning but my hunger still changed for the better. 

I do not eat 1 or even 2 pastries per day. Which is good. HAHA Though you still might find the word pie appear in many of my posts….

Other facts:

I am still a non-meat eater (after working at Jack in the Box 16 years ago). I take my vitamins every day (Femibion 2) and I still exclusively breastfeed so that probably helped me bounce back. 

I lost my flexibility and my body needs lots and lots of firming in my opinion but I am trying to stay an optimist about it. The end.

Tomorrow I will have news on Zoárd as well. We are taking him to the doctor’s office today to ask them kindly if we could use their baby scale. 

Right. The time has come. Here is the picture of me in a bikini. 

How are you with your body right now?


My Mothers’ Day in Thailand

For some reason it was difficult to start writing this post. I knew I would have to explain my relationship with Katan and I was resisting.

Today is the Thai queen’s birthday also known as Mothers’ Day in Thailand. All mothers receive the beautiful flower that you will see shortly.

We found Katan when she was 12. She is a tall girl so nobody guessed that she is a child working on the construction of the hotel. It turned out she was helping her mother out who had a baby a little while ago.

The deal was that Katan stops lifting heavy sand bags and instead she will look after her brother. Her mom got a job at the hotel and Katan came to see me for English lessons. A long story told short.

his is me with Katan on her 14th birthday. This was before we went to Spain. I am in my 2nd trimester here but you cannot tell.

his was what Katan looked like when I met her. They lived very close to this area and had to walk to the hotel for her English lessons. Her brother Tata was 1 year old at the time.

This is the first picture taken from today. My husband was kind enough to take pictures of the ritual.

She is saying a blessing. The whole thing was so beautiful.

Here are the two of us. Katan is wearing her school uniform by the way. She is dressed up to show respect. I am wearing a traditional North Thai skirt for the same reason (it was just my idea).

Zoárd woke up. My mominess doubled. HAHA

Happy Mothers’ Day!

Do you sometimes feel you are a mother to others as well?