I am Looking for a Partner

I have been exercising in the morning. Assya usually watches me from our bed or her rocker. And Zoard is either folding clothes on our bed, getting his friends dressed up or he is painting.

So as you can imagine, my exercising routine is quick and you can even do it in the company of two children in the room.

It would help me if I would know that someone else is doing the exercising with me.

We could drop each other a message once we completed the daily exercising.

Here it is.

I do the 4 workouts 3 times as you can read about it in the post.

It takes less than 20 minutes.

I listen to this while I do the workouts. I think I repeat the song 3 or 4 times.

All you need is a towel and it is nicer to do the whole workout in shoes.

You can contact me on Instagram @zoardminiboy and we can talk about the details of our partnership.


I gave birth 3 months ago and I breastfeed. The exercising I am hoping you will join me in, will not affect your milk supply.

And yes, my nursing top can be bought online here.

I will hopefully get healthy with you!

xoxo, Eszter




This Year’s Last Post From Thailand

Living in a five star hotel with a baby is a unique experience. I am not sure if I stressed out enough how much love we get from our extended family, the people who work in this hotel.

Today I decorated the staff canteen’s wall with pictures of Zoárd and them. I remember when we arrived from Barcelona and Zoárd was 4 months old, I did not want anyone to hold him.
But now I am more relaxed about it.

I used to come to the gym when it was Zoárd’s nap time. The girls quickly took him out of his pram before I could prevent it so what else could I have done: I took a picture of them! Cute!

As I said, now I am OK with others holding him. Though interestingly, today a hotel guest picked Zoárd up and I felt that it made me uncomfortable.  Do you have any thoughts on this?

I really have lots of pictures of Zoárd being popular but I need to set a limit here.

I can still show you this picture without getting carried away. This is proof that I showed Zoárd the spa…

… the adult play room…

I could have taken hundreds of pictures here.

This is something that never happens. We keep away from the pool and let the guests enjoy the sun beds but I spotted that a family left these two sun beds waiting for me to take pictures. Zoárd was in deep thinking mode so I had my fun! HAHA

I know it is slightly random that I am showing you my lunch but I like that it is Thai and Western.

I will continue blogging from Hungary and Spain so you will see more of me and my family. And now I would like to encourage you to try to guess:
which rapper dresses in a way that reminded my husband of Zoárd’s look (vest).