What It is Like to Live in a Hotel

I wrote a lot about the topic of living in a five star hotel since this is what we did, when Zoard was much younger.
If you are curious about our past, you can read about it here.

As life got more and more complicated, I started blogging less about our personal life. However, I do realize that it is super interesting how we live!

We decided not to live anymore at my husband’s work place. It makes lot of things easier to be close by but it makes separating our personal life from work almost impossible.

We still have a swimming pool we can use:


A housekeeper does come by every day if you were wondering. Mostly to give us some bottled water and they sweep the floor and wash the dishes.

Tidying up is our responsibility and we are very good at it. At the end of the day. If you look during the day…


And our postal address is still something you have to ask us about before you go sending us treats because we travel a lot.


And if you ask me what we do all day long. Well, I play school with Zoard, I read to him a lot. You cannot imagine… And we talk a lot. He likes to talk about his books and he makes it clear which one he wishes me to do. So he either tells me to read to him or talk about it.

This is a picture that shows how we just sometimes hang around.


As you can see, Zoard is not in to family pictures since he became a toddler. The irony of it is that I take pictures of him daily. And we come up with some funny stuff as topics when we are not taking pictures for shops.



Which Country Are You in Now?!

The last time I wrote a post, we were in Spain. Now we are in Thailand again and in between we spent a few weeks in Hungary.

Zoard has been mainly busy adoring his grandmothers and we have been busy eating. Now that we are back in Thailand, we do not have grandparents to smile at and we hardly eat. Alright, I am exaggerating…


We came back to Samui five days ago and I have been taking an advantage of the weather here. Sure it rains a lot but who can complain when we do not need to wear tights anymore. Unless we want to wear tights…


I take a lot of pictures for the sweet shops that send us clothes for Zoard to promote and I like to make it fun for Zoard so basically I let him do whatever pleases him. Unless I ask him to stand in front of a wall I really like in which case there is no guarantee that he will turn his cheeks so that the sunlight can fall evenly on him… But that is my problem, not his. HAHA


Now let us discuss my NEXT post. I would like to write an update about Zoard since he will be 2 years old 2 days from now. Any questions or topics that come to Your mind?
I will probably look at the milestones of a 2 year old but if You wish to draw my attention to something, do not hesitate to comment.

Oh and I changed our Instagram username to ZOARDMINIBOY.

Thank you for reading!!!


Living Again in the Five Star Hotel…

I am utterly surprised. I was going to sit down by my laptop to write an email to a dear friend of mine but while I was waiting for gmail to stop saying “loading”, I ended up here.

I thought I ended blogging. Why? I have a new passion one might say. Instagram. Plus I felt my blogging became one sided. I did not have time anymore to read my sweet fellow blogger’s posts and I felt rotten about it.

Enough said about why I betrayed my own blog. By the way, if you read this much so far, you are very kind. And if you happen to be saying to yourself, oh I hope she will not end this post without telling me how I can find her on Instagram…. I have good news for you. I will tell you and I will also tell you a bit about how our life is nowadays. What is the last thing you know about us? Oh yes… my eyebrows… They are doing fine, thank you. I found someone at the spa, here in Thailand who was shocked at “how thin I like it” but is willing to do the shaping.

What spa?! What Thailand?! Oh boy… are you new to my blog? Hey, no worries…. I will fill you in quickly: my husband runs a beautiful hotel, here on Samui and we actually live in the hotel. We did live in Spain too… twice…

Anyways, Zoard can now use words like gecko and shy. He can say sawadee khap when he feels like it. Well sort of. He is better at putting his hands together to greet someone with respect. And highfiving is super easy for him even when he feels somewhat shy about it. He loves the buggies that take us up to our room. The hotel is on a hill…

Do you want to see some of my pictures? And I am krokovayeszter on Instagram…

For some reason, I cannot see any of the pictures I am trying to attach to this post and I am at the point of giving up. If you do happen to see some random pictures at the end of this post then that is great, if not, so sorry. I have no idea why… xoxo


This Year’s Last Post From Thailand

Living in a five star hotel with a baby is a unique experience. I am not sure if I stressed out enough how much love we get from our extended family, the people who work in this hotel.

Today I decorated the staff canteen’s wall with pictures of Zoárd and them. I remember when we arrived from Barcelona and Zoárd was 4 months old, I did not want anyone to hold him.
But now I am more relaxed about it.

I used to come to the gym when it was Zoárd’s nap time. The girls quickly took him out of his pram before I could prevent it so what else could I have done: I took a picture of them! Cute!

As I said, now I am OK with others holding him. Though interestingly, today a hotel guest picked Zoárd up and I felt that it made me uncomfortable.  Do you have any thoughts on this?

I really have lots of pictures of Zoárd being popular but I need to set a limit here.

I can still show you this picture without getting carried away. This is proof that I showed Zoárd the spa…

… the adult play room…

I could have taken hundreds of pictures here.

This is something that never happens. We keep away from the pool and let the guests enjoy the sun beds but I spotted that a family left these two sun beds waiting for me to take pictures. Zoárd was in deep thinking mode so I had my fun! HAHA

I know it is slightly random that I am showing you my lunch but I like that it is Thai and Western.

I will continue blogging from Hungary and Spain so you will see more of me and my family. And now I would like to encourage you to try to guess:
which rapper dresses in a way that reminded my husband of Zoárd’s look (vest).

How Do You Feel About Gossiping?

Well, how do you feel about gossiping?

I always admire those who say that gossiping is an unpleasant characteristic of a person and it is much more appealing if you do not talk behind other people’s back. I even see the logic that if you notice someone gossiping about others, you can be sure that that person will also talk about you, when you are not around. 

I would love to join the group of nice people who have manners, unlike me and resist gossiping. I personally cannot imagine how they do it or how You do it, if you happen to be one of those good people. 

Talking about other people is a habit of mine. Even if I would chat about something else with my husband such as … dinner on Christmas Eve or a new restaurant that just opened up… (I guess the other topic that comes to my mind to talk about is food… HAHA). I know that eventually, I would end up discussing who should not be invited to the Christmas dinner and who are my favorite couple to go out with, when there is a new happening like the opening of a cool place.

Is it worse if I also like to talk about strangers? Or is that considered more polite? I mean… less rude.

My husband and I used to go to the gym together (long, long time ago) and we would occasionally talk about someone worth talking about. Occasionally. Right.

This was my introduction to the gym theme by the way. 

Here is Zoárd examining the weights at the hotel’s gym (we live in a hotel if you are new to my blog). 

If I would have endless time, I would love running on the treadmill while looking at the view. I would run endlessly.

Some say that gyms are cold, heartless places, full of machines. I think a good machine is priceless for a good work-out.
Where do you stand on this matter? 

Did you miss my face? Here I am! Making sure my baby is as safe as a baby can be at a gym. Seriously, I let Zoárd explore a lot of places meant for adults to be around at but you really have to be there, mentally to prevent an accident.

Do you measure yourself? If you have kids, do you measure them? Is it gossiping if you tell me how much your partner weighs?

Who is The Funniest Around You?

Kerry started a series of “A Day In The Life” where you can show the blogging world what you do all day. You can read all about it on Kerry’s blog.

Danielle if you are still looking for a fun project maybe this is for you!

I think one must post about her day at least once in great detail. This is what I did in this post:

I failed to do the same with FEW words but nevertheless I think I did a mighty fine job:

I started taking notes and pictures following my day today. I think today can be called a typical one (but I will show off some other moments as well). I also thought about the weekly photo challenges I have been doing on Saturdays. I will sneak in an unsuspected son of mine and my outfit of the day. This was last week’s photo challenge that was actually posted on Saturday:

Zoárd and I make up the “late ones to wake up” around half past seven in our family of three.
As soon as I start taking pictures of Zoárd I cannot go unnoticed and he starts posing.

Here is Zoárd with his tooth brush and if you want to know how you can tell his excitement that he can be the model of my pictures, look at his straight baby legs. HAHA

I could probably do a whole post with Zoárd being happy about “picture time”.

I sometimes take over 50 pictures of him and I  noticed that he makes sure that he is facing me.

If I move because I want the lighting to be better he moves too. Face to face! – is the philosophy!

Almost, after an hour we woke up I had my breakfast which means I take out everything from the minibar. If you are wondering what things I did beforehand I will put it in a bracket just for You (cleaning poo; I made sure the play area is safe, I put away clothes, I made sure I am not naked but I did change my clothes later, I made a list).

I have my breakfast in front of my laptop everyday while I read emails, comments etc.

I dislike finding Zoárd on the sofa but that does not stop me from taking a picture…

I am fast forwarding otherwise this post will be as long as the strudel’s dough.

Lunch is in the hotel’s restaurant after Zoárd’s first nap.

I eat rice noodles with eggs and tomatoes OR (this is NEW…) with buffalo mozzarella and tomatoes.

Zoárd and his tomato.

It is not nice of me to give a catchy title to my blog post and not tell you the answer to my question.

I think Zoárd is funny like all babies but I think he is starting to get us.

He is comfortable about playfulness in public.

He makes us smile, we make him smile.

We are one happy family who met an awesome stranger at Starbucks. Look at the picture the stranger took of us? Not only did she know that I am not a fan of pictures showing our nasal hair, she took a really friendly shot of us.

In the afternoons Zoárd either holds on to my chair or he finds something that interests him.

PicMonkey Collage who is there
I am fascinated by his eagerness to stand up anywhere he stands a chance. HAHA

I go to the gym before dinner and the boys space out.

Here is my outfit!

Thank you for patience if you managed to read everything: every single word. You are a star!

Who is the funniest person around you? Could it be You?

Beauty Pageant at the Hotel

Yesterday was a big event in the hotel’s life! We celebrated its 2nd birthday! 

The hotel helps out a school for the mentally ill children here on the island. (My husband is always very much involved in doing good.) For this reason, last night’s dinner was a charity event. A few children from the school performed for the hotel guests who booked a table for this event. Zoárd and I were watching too. 

I quickly took these pictures before we left the room.

This was a perfect example of me sort of thinking outside the box. I knew that I could not compete with anyone going for the ultra-sexy look last night. However, I wanted people to say nice things when talking behind our backs. HAHA And with Zoárd I do have an advantage since he is cute. But I also wanted to make a positive impression. 

It was pure luck that I was able to find outfits for ourselves that were very much similar looking. My hair is supposed to be a look one has when trying to make her hair curly. The headband curling is from Angela’s post. As you can see I went for the “before look” instead of the “after look”. HAHA
The three dots under my right eye is on purpose too. I saw this in one of the latest Project Runway episodes. 

Back to the birthday party: each department had to send someone to compete at the beauty contest that was also held as part of the whole event. They had to perform as well. Thai people are so much fun when it comes to themes like this. They really put so much effort in dressing up and learning a song or a dance. Unfortunately, Zoárd became overwhelmed (did I mention that pulling his legs is normal here?!) and started crying after the third contestant showed herself. 

I took some pictures off of Facebook just now. It will only give you an idea but better than nothing…

The dress made of orchids is hand-made!!!!

Men dressing up as women is not rare in Thailand and this hotel is especially open-minded about being eccentric. Maybe that explains why the general manager’s wife (me…) was wearing a headband last seen in an aerobics class. HAHA

The hotel guests each had a vote and if I remember correctly what my husband told me the girl in the middle won. Do not feel bad for the others though my husband rewarded everyone very generously!

How do you feel about dressing up for formal or special events? Do you ever feel that you are out of place? 

We Left The Hotel But Who is Counting?

I used to count the times we actually left the hotel we live in.
It is nice to see a little of the island. If you would like to sit back and enjoy some of the pictures I took here is a post that you will like for sure:

May I announce proudly that I hadn’t eaten a dessert for more than two weeks now! But it wasn’t always like this:

This was a trip to a rum distillery:

Fisherman Village is a walking street which is rare on this island:

As for today. Zoárd and I accompanied my husband to our friend’s shop. He is also a big supplier for hotels (as well as our good friend). Would you like to see what is in his shop?

It is impossible not to notice the glass wear.

My husband really fancied this one. Did you spot its shape? Oh my husband wakes up super early to go to gym and he is also in great shape. I am sure he will appreciate reading this. HAHA (You know I love you!!!)

I think these are decorations which you can buy if you can picture them in your fancy restaurant or hotel. Anything You like?

The bird cages in Thailand are gorgeous. It is popular to keep singing birds as a pet but some also take them out for singing competitions. One of the drivers at our hotel brings his bird in time to time. Interesting, isn’t?!

This is a huge spoon. We are feeding Zoárd. Little inside joke.

This is outside the shop.

These are not dogs. (OK, OK…) The male Chinese lion is holding a ball. The female is holding her child under her palm.

Our friend is expanding his shop. It will be 3 floor tall. We looked at the constructions a tiny bit. I am not a fan in general. I like to see when something is finished. HAHA But he said a dog gave birth here and we can see the puppies. I wanted to take a picture but the mama dog did not allow it…

This is a torch! I think the concept was that I pretend to be a cave woman. Hm. HAHA

I hope you enjoyed my pictures! Where did You go when you last left your home?


Weekend Photo Challenge /Week 3/ – Show That Titi Outfit Of The Day

I am not going to put the word “titi” among the tags for this post -that is for sure. HAHA
I know, I know I was the one to pick this provoking title for my post to begin with…

Here is the deal. I do not want to bite off more than I can chew. All week I took notes to make sure I get everyone down who will participate in this week’s photo challenge. I am not going to check on you guys one by one (though I could not resist sending out reminders).
To start out with, I might be fast asleep by the time you will make your post because of the time difference. If you said you are in I take it you are in. I am happy to share a link to your blog!

Here are my pictures for both category:

In our world there are only working days. My husband does not have a day off. There are no weekends in a five star hotel. So I cannot say “I only dress up nicely on the weekends” or “I only have real outfits on the weekdays”. It is up to me really. I never stay naked that is what I can tell you. HAHA

And to do it like the pro-s…
My shorts are from: lynaround (they have a funky website if you are interested).
My top is from lee (as in Lee Cooper but the little boutique that did not make it for more than a year in Budapest just had the sign “Lee” above the shop).

This is the only way Zoárd eats. We started giving him solids BLW style which means he only played with the cooked vegetables placed in front of him. It will take him a while to understand that he can put the food in his own mouth.

More information on this method can be read here.

As for the photo challenge I have more baby topics for the next 5 weeks. And we can also do outfit of the days on these Saturdays. Leave a comment letting me know if you are in for next week so I can share the link to your blog.

Baby topics
5th of October – Love That Outfit
12th of October – Sleeping
19th of October – Unsuspecting Subject
26th of October – Posing
2nd of November – hey that is my BIRTHDAY!!! Anyways Out & About is the topic.

If you are wondering what were the previous topics and what I shared….
week 2 of the weekend photo challenge
week 1 of the weekend photo challenge

Check out what others shared for the topic of EATING or/and OUTFIT OF THE DAY

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Living in a Hotel and Some Random Facts About It

I am having a blogger’s crises. I feel I cannot keep up. I would need to nominate 18 bloggers if I have counted it right and I am overwhelmed by it all. 

Tomorrow I will only read blogs and take notes.

What I can do for now is thank the two lovely moms for nominating me. (One Lovely Blog Award & Liebster Award). Please check out their blogs if you haven’t done so.

The random facts about me will have to be in connection with the fact that I am living in a hotel. Why?! Because this is what I came up with to make it more interesting. Ready?

An Australian tv company was shooting at our hotel for a couple of days. Zoárd will be in the shots showing the playroom for children and I did a few minutes of yoga to show off the yoga studio. I miss yoga. 

I stopped shopping for clothes for myself because I really have more than enough. I looked in to the mirror (the mirror of -be honest with yourself) and what I found was a question: “did I just buy this outfit for Zoárd?!!”

Still staying at the clothes topic. I tend to wear stuff that maybe I should not wear. 
The top you see is a dress: a maternity dress I wore when I was 40 weeks pregnant with Zoárd. Would you like to see a picture of that as well? OK hold on please…
The shorts that make my husband blush (because I am still wearing it) was given to me by my mother as a PJ set when I was 13 years old. I will be 34 years old in 37 days. Start counting! HAHA


Many times this is what happens once we finally leave the hotel to grab something from the supermarket…

I end up sitting in the car in a lovely parking lot… Yes, this IS irony…

Respectful parenting asks the parents to kindly prepare a space that is suitable for the little one to play in peacefully without interruptions.  Zoárd was peaceful on the hard floor next to the carefully arranged safe place… HAHA

My wrist hurts and my cloth diaper duties are not helping. But it is something that is part of my every day life and the staffs of this hotel are being super nice about the whole process of washing them. I hand wash them but that is the pre-part of it…
My husband or I take the dirty ones down to an office that has a washing machine which we can use after five pm. We used to go back two hours later to put the diapers in the dryer. The housekeeping staff understands this part now and they also bring them up to our room the next day. I have to stuff them since we are using pocket diapers. 

It is really hard for me to write without using pictures but I will give it a try… I need to answer 11 specific questions. I will give you the answers you can guess what the questions were. Fair enough, isn’t it?

I can’t drive slow nor fast. My talent is being supportive. I know it is a lame answer but I do not have talent talents! There. I said it. Last night I ate a bowl of potato cream soup with scrambled eggs. (Yes, I can order anything from the hotel’s kitchen… Why you ask?!)
I have no idea where our next vacation will be and I haven’t traveled without Zoárd. I prefer the summer. Easy: vanilla ice cream. I am allergic to chocolate. I like to sing I Have A Dog His Name is Ben… A book by Tim Lott. I started blogging in July. MY favorite post of mine is….

I have a question for YOU!
How do you feel about this whole award sharing business? Anyone have mixed feelings about it?