Do I Need To Be Afraid?!

Zoard is 3 years old now and a few weeks ago, he started experimenting in a whole new way.

He is not a sous chef anymore, he does not want to “just watch” the events.

He bakes and he makes preparations to bake. Sometimes on his own…


This recipe is called Lovizilo. It has a whole bag of rice in it, oat flour, powdered paprika (the Hungarian touch to it, I guess), peanut butter, grapes etc.

I tried telling him later on, that perhaps it is best if we do the baking together.

This morning, he told me that he has a little blog which does not have a Look Book but it does have recipes like the one he would like to bake next. It has brown berries and zucchini in it.


I can proudly say, that the zucchini cake turned out great. We put kefir in it and one piece of date as can be seen on this shot.

If you look closer, you will also see that Zoard chopped off his hair today and that was a shock for me.

I am really supportive of his crazy scientist behavior as much as possible but I just do not know what will come next.

Nevertheless, he is great!

See more on Instagram… @zoardminiboy




Posting Every Single Day This Month

If I can add pictures, I am doing this!

This is working! What a relief! OK here is my idea… Sometimes it is not easy to get back on the horse (blogging) and it is nice to know that others are in the same shoes or boat as you are. 

Care to join me?

We should post every single day in August. This is how you make a habit of something, right?!

I will probably write about what it is like living in a hotel and taking care of a toddler. A rather cute toddler… See the picture above?! I asked him to smile for the camera and thanks to him I have a perfect baby and mommy selfie in my hands. Yes, I have a tiny hole on my top. Perfection is a bit boring, right?!

I will meet You here tomorrow. Or on Instagram. My account name is: krokovayeszter.