I am Looking for a Partner

I have been exercising in the morning. Assya usually watches me from our bed or her rocker. And Zoard is either folding clothes on our bed, getting his friends dressed up or he is painting.

So as you can imagine, my exercising routine is quick and you can even do it in the company of two children in the room.

It would help me if I would know that someone else is doing the exercising with me.

We could drop each other a message once we completed the daily exercising.

Here it is.

I do the 4 workouts 3 times as you can read about it in the post.

It takes less than 20 minutes.

I listen to this while I do the workouts. I think I repeat the song 3 or 4 times.

All you need is a towel and it is nicer to do the whole workout in shoes.

You can contact me on Instagram @zoardminiboy and we can talk about the details of our partnership.


I gave birth 3 months ago and I breastfeed. The exercising I am hoping you will join me in, will not affect your milk supply.

And yes, my nursing top can be bought online here.

I will hopefully get healthy with you!

xoxo, Eszter




Postpartum Post: I Had To Be Operated On

It is all quiet around me. Could it be that Zoard went to bed all on his own?! Assya is napping peacefully next to me and I am… I am finally telling you what had happened.

I had a fever for a day and since I have experienced before, that breastfeeding can be hard on you in the beginning, I assumed my fever was in connection with some inflammation in my right breast.

Two days later, I had so much perineal pain that walking and sitting almost made me cry. And later, walking and sitting did make me cry.

To make a long story short, I had a hematoma and it needed to be operated on. The four of us waited until midnight at the emergency unit of the hospital I gave birth at. I was able to go home for the night and this gave us some time to quickly arrange my mother-in-law to fly in.

The next day I was operated on and everything worked out well. Zoard spent three hours in the hospital waiting to see me in the company of his grandmother. Assya was being fed by her daddy from a special bottle and I was able to tell the staff of the hospital, that I am not going to any operating room, before I squeeze some milk out of myself for my daughter. Breastfeeding is beyond important to us. And I knew, that even the quickest operation would be too long for Assya. (When she is awake, she asks to be breastfed every hour…)

Judging from the sounds, I will have to change Assya’s diaper so I better speed it up.

Yesterday, I took my last antibiotics and I stopped taking Ibuprofen and Paracetamol a little less than a week ago.

I am still taking my iron tablet in the mornings on an empty stomach with a glass of orange juice.

I will take my vitamins (Femibion) for a year even though I plan on breastfeeding longer than that.

I try to use an intensive stretch mark cream before putting on my Belly Shield and my Belly Bandit. More on both here.

I only wear nursing clothes and this bra is a special nursing bra from BoobDesign. See more from them here. They just released an exciting new collection.

I would also like to give credit to Zoard who has made the lovely paintings behind me.

In the mean time, Assya had a blow out. I have to take off our bed sheet as well. I better get going. You can find me on Instagram @zoardminiboy. Thanks for reading!!!

Assya: 1 week old


Barcelona, 23rd of December, 2015

Assya was born at 41 weeks +6 days. The inducing of her birth took more than 24 hours.

I got the “chemicals” for the induction: Penicillin for Strep B; later: Oxytocin  and Epidural twice.

Yes, I was allowed to skip the Cesarean this time. The delivery was vacuum-assisted which made me upset at first but I had to change my attitude quickly (from pouting) to focusing and the team was very satisfied with my pushing skills. And I was utterly surprised by the task. I am sure it is a different experience when you do not have a vacuum buddy in the race or when you are not on epidural but I was positively surprised how easy the whole thing was. “I just have to hold my breath and push?!” I am good at holding my breath… I used to be a mermaid.


My Captain in Life

I cannot put in to words how much help I got from my husband in bringing Assya to this world and still do. Assya will have a mother and an angel guide her through life. When sometimes I am being asked: “and does your husband know how to change a diaper?!”, I always freeze for a second. “He is teaching me everything there is to know…” Seriously. You do not want to see how I do some occasional burping for Assya…

Assya is being held a lot and breastfed by demand.

She had her first check-up today and she gained almost 500 grams in a week.

She is now the same weight as she was born: 3870 gramm (8.53pounds).
Her height is now: 52,5 cm-s (20.6 inches)

I am wearing a nursing top that is also an active wear by ingridandisabel.
Assya is being snug and tight in her halosleepsack.

Thank you for reading this and I will be back with baby fashion and nursing fashion tips.

You can already see some great pictures on Instagram @zoardminiboy.


Zoárd Was Born 7 Months Ago Today: Postpartum Post

This time I have every reason to feel nervous about my posting. I have done my research, I have been “preparing properly” for this post.

For some reason, I felt I want to do a very honest postpartum post. HAHA That sounds good. I started reading other women’s writings on the matter and I managed to find someone post on the negative affects that a postpartum post can have. Like it can hurt other people’s feelings who are “not quite there yet”. 

Since I am back to my pre-pregnancy weight I thought “OK maybe I have to be careful here”. My second thought came soon after: “Seriously?! I should worry about someone feeling hurt because I am back to my normal weight?!”

Lets cut to the point. I am recording to myself and to whom ever is interested in where I am standing 7 months after Zoárd was born. For me it gave hope to read postpartum summaries so maybe I can create good feelings too. 


I can only provide two measurements since these are what I know.

I am 156 cm-s. (5 foot 1) I did not grow after giving birth.
I am 47 kg-s. (103.6 pounds) Same as I was before. Or maybe 1 kg less since I had more muscles back then.

Oh I do know that I gained about 12 kg-s during my pregnancy. I gave birth on the 41st week.

I do not know anything about cup sizes. I decided not to wear a bra more than ten years ago. My breasts are small and though they are bigger now because of breastfeeding they do not cause a huge difference in my life. Well… I need sports bras with strong support.

Skin and hair:

I started letting my hair out a week ago. Maybe I am just wishfully imagining but I think my intensive hair loss got better. It was bad. 

My skin on my face became better. My varicose veins got worst. Wow tongue twister! HAHA

My belly button is my big sadness. They became saggy. I will give them another five months. Yes, I am generous. 

My linea nigra is still showing but it became much, much lighter. I keep away from the sun.

C-section scar:

If you look close to the picture I am posting you will see it. There is not much I can report about it besides that it is there and I wish it wasn’t. Oh well…


I would love to participate in physical activities that make you sweat a lot. Unfortunately, I have had hip- and knee issues since I gave birth. I bought a pregnancy belt that I wear when I carry Zoárd with the carrier and I think it helps. My legs don’t hurt anymore unless I start running. A month ago I ran for 70 minutes and that really, really made things worst. Hopefully things will improve on this area. I would love to do yoga, running etc once Zoárd will be older.


I don’t have hunger attacks as I had even 3 months ago. However, I have to eat five times a day and I do wake up feeling extremely hungry in the morning but my hunger still changed for the better. 

I do not eat 1 or even 2 pastries per day. Which is good. HAHA Though you still might find the word pie appear in many of my posts….

Other facts:

I am still a non-meat eater (after working at Jack in the Box 16 years ago). I take my vitamins every day (Femibion 2) and I still exclusively breastfeed so that probably helped me bounce back. 

I lost my flexibility and my body needs lots and lots of firming in my opinion but I am trying to stay an optimist about it. The end.

Tomorrow I will have news on Zoárd as well. We are taking him to the doctor’s office today to ask them kindly if we could use their baby scale. 

Right. The time has come. Here is the picture of me in a bikini. 

How are you with your body right now?