40 weeks pregnant with Assya

I just announced to Zoard that I am starting my alone time. He was not happy about this but now he is reading Squash and a Squeeze by Julia Donaldson so we are on good terms again.


This is me and Assya. Today is my due date so I was at the hospital this morning for a routine appointment. My next one is a week from now. I am allowed to wait for Assya without being induced for 41 weeks and 5 days. Which means, I have 12 more days… I was also advised to eat sweets to encourage Assya to move more. That is a good one! HAHA

Since I have plenty of time, I will ask my “cameraman” to take more pictures of me over the weekend. I will be advertising nursing clothes so it will be our practice. I hope I will have enough eyebrow gel until my mother visits us because a couple of days ago, a hair dresser left the bleach on too long, when I asked her to make my eyebrows the same shade as my hair…

Let me brag for a second and AFTERWARDS I will give you some hardcore facts about this pregnancy. Deal?!


This picture I took for Instagram was among the winners of the theme “yellow” on a page called @JJcommunity. This Instagram page has 636k followers and it is the largest photography community which I have been trying, for over a year, to be featured on. I have been nominated several times but yesterday, I was featured.

This is a big achievement for me and I am really happy about it. My Instagram account is called @zoardminiboy. It would be great to see more people show interest towards it. This account is really a nice way for me to use up my creative energies. I also enjoy the interactions with others but I have been banned from commenting for a week now so I guess, I will have to start reading more blogs instead. Instagram never explains why they restrict a user’s interactions so it can easily be a mistake made by them, nevertheless, I doubt they will make a correction on their part.


Zoard was born at week 41.
I just reached week 40 with Assya.

Total weight gain with both children: 12 kg-s. 26.45 pounds.

Zoard is the fruit of the 10th IUI in Bangkok.
Assya conceived naturally after trying for the first time to have a second child (in Barcelona).

First Trimester…
Both times, we were on Koh Samui. I slept a lot, I was nauseous but never vomited.
Both times, the doctor guessed our baby to be a boy.

Food cravings…
Craving something is part of who I am so it is nothing extra but if I had to name something that was seen more on my plate:

POTATOES (potato and carrot soup with sour cream or plain yogurt)

Second Trimester…
I was in Spain with Zoard and in Hungary with Assya. I regularly swam for 40 minutes. With Zoard I even visited the gym time to time for some light workout.

Third Trimester…
With Zoard, I had to put my feet up for a rest, many times.
With Assya, I had issues with my veins (found close to my bikini lines) but not wearing underwear helped this problem.

I mostly sleep on my left side. I put a pillow between my knees and I am propped up with lots of pillows. (At the time I was pregnant with Zoard, I had a maternity pillow which is great if you do not move homes a lot.)

With Zoard I bought pretty expensive maternity clothes and this time around, I planned on buying absolutely nothing. What does this mean in practice?!
I borrowed maternity clothes.
I wear some of my husband’s cardigans and sweaters.
I wear my looser non-maternity clothes.
But overall, my body appreciates maternity clothes for tops and as far as pants go, I really dislike the ones that have a special belly part to put on your tummy. I wear low cuts.

Hair and nails…
I had my hair and nails done a couple of times. I really think this is a matter of what you feel comfortable about. The last time, I had my roots colored was less than a week ago and the only reason, why my nails are left naturally at the moment is the price I would need to pay for them, here in Barcelona.

I read the latest views on what you cannot eat while being pregnant and I follow the recommendations. I stopped eating liver for example, I do not eat a lot of canned tunas, I say no to tiramisu. I try to eat more fruits even if they mean frozen ones.

I drink decaf coffee, occasionally but nowadays with Assya, it is slightly different because I became good friends with a warm drink called chicory.

Do I miss anything…
I was skinny and athletic looking before I became pregnant (I was still breastfeeding Zoard) and I think that look suited me. And I miss it at times.
It was nice to be able to walk up on steps or hills without running out of breath.
I miss picking up Zoard or being more free with him without worrying about Assya.
I would love to spend non-pregnant quality time with my husband but I truly feel that is more of a question of spending childless time together and it is not strongly in connection with having a pregnant belly or not.

Looking forward to…
Breastfeeding. Getting to know Assya. Eating a lot of comfort food. Enjoying the interactions of my husband and Assya, Zoard and Assya. Taking pictures for my Instagram account @zoardminiboy.

Thanks for reading!