We Left The Hotel But Who is Counting?

I used to count the times we actually left the hotel we live in.
It is nice to see a little of the island. If you would like to sit back and enjoy some of the pictures I took here is a post that you will like for sure:

May I announce proudly that I hadn’t eaten a dessert for more than two weeks now! But it wasn’t always like this:

This was a trip to a rum distillery:

Fisherman Village is a walking street which is rare on this island:

As for today. Zoárd and I accompanied my husband to our friend’s shop. He is also a big supplier for hotels (as well as our good friend). Would you like to see what is in his shop?

It is impossible not to notice the glass wear.

My husband really fancied this one. Did you spot its shape? Oh my husband wakes up super early to go to gym and he is also in great shape. I am sure he will appreciate reading this. HAHA (You know I love you!!!)

I think these are decorations which you can buy if you can picture them in your fancy restaurant or hotel. Anything You like?

The bird cages in Thailand are gorgeous. It is popular to keep singing birds as a pet but some also take them out for singing competitions. One of the drivers at our hotel brings his bird in time to time. Interesting, isn’t?!

This is a huge spoon. We are feeding Zoárd. Little inside joke.

This is outside the shop.

These are not dogs. (OK, OK…) The male Chinese lion is holding a ball. The female is holding her child under her palm.

Our friend is expanding his shop. It will be 3 floor tall. We looked at the constructions a tiny bit. I am not a fan in general. I like to see when something is finished. HAHA But he said a dog gave birth here and we can see the puppies. I wanted to take a picture but the mama dog did not allow it…

This is a torch! I think the concept was that I pretend to be a cave woman. Hm. HAHA

I hope you enjoyed my pictures! Where did You go when you last left your home?