Diary of a Mother of 2

Catchy title, right?! I am going to have fun with this one (this post)! It is crazy how much time passed since my last post. Were we still in Thailand at the time?! Probably. And we will be on Samui again, you just wait for my next post. But as for now, we are in Budapest. I am enjoying everyday life with Assya and Zoard. Assya will be 8 months old on the 23rd of this month (August) and Zoard is 3.5 years old.

Assya is exploring a toy box.
Zoard is singing to himself in his room. Occasionally he lets me know how lonely he is.It is nap time. For him.

Going out:
This is what I am most proud of. I take the kids out a lot. In the morning and in the afternoon. I organize an insane amount of playdates and we use public transportation on a daily basis. Assya is not so much a fan after a certain time so I usually take her out of her stroller and she sits in my lap or I take the carrier with me.






I still take pictures as you can see. I started a collection of Zoard pushing Assya. On Instagram I have started a tag #pushingassya. Please let me know if you also have a hashtag of your own. I was inspired by a few mamas who have been doing their own tags and projects, I find it lovely!


Zoard still hasn’t started his afternoon nap which is frankly, quite bad. He should be napping between 2 and 4 and now it is 3pm. It will be very difficult waking him up, once he falls asleep, not to mention that he will not be tired until 10. But we will be.

Our bedroom is super dark in the mornings, and I am usually quiet and slow when I am waken up by Zoard, but let me see if I can find any pictures… morning (or sleeping) related.

Cute picture but around dawn, I am too sleepy to put Assya back in her cot and Zoard climbs in our bed at …who knows when… I just notice my bed space shrinking… so this is NOT a morning shot.


I really took this one in the morning. Zoard was showing us what he looks like when he is asleep.

You see how small our bed is?! Imagine me and my husband in it and these two, plus the swan! HAHA


We eat a lot but it is not so flattering to take pictures of anyone while they have tasty or not so tasty food hanging out of their mouth.


She is not crying. She is grateful. We are doing baby led weaning again. (Assya is making friends with some apples.)


Carrots… yumm!


By the way, my husband does most of the cooking.


Zoard still eats healthy foods but like I said, I tend not to take pictures of him doing so.


On the other hand, you can find lots of pictures of me nursing Assya. I feel very strongly about breastfeeding.  And she is still just playing with the vegetables and fruits we give her so basically, breastmilk is all she gets. We do not give her water either.



Here is a shot of one of the coolest playdates we had. Do you see a pattern here?!
You can find Kriszta’s blog here.

Assya is telling me I must stop right now and play with her. Yes, ma’am

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Stay at Home Toddler?!

We decided not to send Zoard to pre-school or kindergarten for now. I am a great supporter of reaching out for help when there is a need, but I also think that in our case, the “price to pay was too high”.

I did not want Zoard to catch a virus from other children and then pass it on to me.

I also felt that I had some unfinished business with him. Namely, establishing a routine he can count on in our new home and he had a hard time accepting that sometimes we do not wish to entertain him (I call it alone time).


I spend a fair amount of time with Zoard. He enjoys playing parts of stories. I tell him a lot of stories and I am guessing, he might have more books than an average 2 year old… I highly enjoy picking out books for him. Today I will tell Zoard the story of Tchaikovsky’s  Nutcracker. I hope it will cause him as much pleasure as the story of Rudolf the reindeer. See picture above…


As you know, Instagram plays a big part in our everyday lives. Zoard understands a lot about my account @zoardminiboy. He is enjoying being part of this hobby that is strongly connected with what I do in my alone time. I really like playing around with all the accessories and clothes Zoard receives and I became very selective on what we give our names to, so it is really a treat to collaborate with nice people who are behind the shops that sell beautiful children’s clothes.

Insta shop products seen specifically on these two captures are:

Beanie: LouisundLola
Hooded jumper: Mygaiaorganiccotton
Jacket: Little_indians
Sunglasses: Fjs_popshop



Getting back to what we do all day… I try to take Zoard out on a so-called adventure whenever I can. However, I do have to remind myself that I am now super close to giving birth so I have to hold myself back. Last week we went to IKEA to grab a few, not heavy items. We took a few public transportation to get there and it is among those things that I should not do anymore…


Visiting friendly cafes, not beyond far from us, is a better idea (unless it requires taking a train like we did yesterday…)
Cafe: Nata Lisboa Barcelona


Being spontaneous is essential when you wish to have a good time with your toddler. For example, I personally dislike toys that make a noise but I do not deny Zoard from sitting on them…


And sometimes I just give hime a break. I let him learn how to cope with his own mood swings without making a big deal about it.

Now I am off to do some cooking with Zoard. He LOVES that as well.  After lunch, we will both hopefully take a nap without any “misunderstandings”. And I will have an exciting post up on Instagram after we wake up so see you there!!!

xoxo, Eszter @zoardminiboy


What It is Like to Live in a Hotel

I wrote a lot about the topic of living in a five star hotel since this is what we did, when Zoard was much younger.
If you are curious about our past, you can read about it here.

As life got more and more complicated, I started blogging less about our personal life. However, I do realize that it is super interesting how we live!

We decided not to live anymore at my husband’s work place. It makes lot of things easier to be close by but it makes separating our personal life from work almost impossible.

We still have a swimming pool we can use:


A housekeeper does come by every day if you were wondering. Mostly to give us some bottled water and they sweep the floor and wash the dishes.

Tidying up is our responsibility and we are very good at it. At the end of the day. If you look during the day…


And our postal address is still something you have to ask us about before you go sending us treats because we travel a lot.


And if you ask me what we do all day long. Well, I play school with Zoard, I read to him a lot. You cannot imagine… And we talk a lot. He likes to talk about his books and he makes it clear which one he wishes me to do. So he either tells me to read to him or talk about it.

This is a picture that shows how we just sometimes hang around.


As you can see, Zoard is not in to family pictures since he became a toddler. The irony of it is that I take pictures of him daily. And we come up with some funny stuff as topics when we are not taking pictures for shops.



Message in The…

…Sand. We live on an island so this is a good way to communicate, right?!

I met this really nice couple yesterday at the beach. They have a cute daughter called Michelle who started off our blooming friendship by giving Zoard a flower. Shortly after this, Zoard gave her a seashell.  We talked, we joked around and then we had to go quickly and all I said was, we will see you around at this same beach, right?! And they nodded. Firmly. I am not mistaken.

Zoard and I walked back to the same spot in the morning and I was very disappointed to find an empty beach. Fortunately there was a bamboo stick laying in the sand so I wrote them the following:

G + A + M (the mother is Gala and the father is Alex)
After 4?

Zoard and I got ready a few minutes before 4 o’clock. Zoárd suggested we take a present:

But we ended up taking a coin as our first playdate gift which later Zoárd became unsure about:


Most of my message vanished by the time we got there except maybe for the essence of it…


However G, A and little M never showed up.

There were plenty of airplanes to spot so I am not saying we did not have a good time…


I explained to Zoárd how trees grow out of a seed…


We did other “stuff” as well:


And we kept our spirit up:


So I know what you are all asking to yourself. Could this be another message to A, G and M?!
And the answer is, of course!!!!
See you tomorrow after 4….

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Living in a Hotel with a Toddler

My plan is to write a post every day this months so comment below if you care to join in and if you already have, please leave a link to your latest blog post.

If you are new to this blog of mine: welcome!

Yesterday I wrote about Zoard’s (18 months old) daily routine and promised to continue it today.


When other mothers ask me about Zoard’s meals it is hard for me to tell them the exact reason why Zoard is not picky. However, I can tell you the facts that come to my mind:

Zoard is still being breast fed on demand (except when I know he only wants to breast feed because he is a bit frustrated about something). So maybe this does not count as ‘on the demand’.

We mostly eat healthy food around him. My husband follows a strict low-cholesterol diet and I like healthy food when I am not eating a dessert of some kind. HAHA

There is no sugar, nor salt in what Zoard eats.

He eats a lot of fish and salmon is his favorite.


Zoard sleeps between 1 and 3 in the afternoon since he was 10 months old if I remember correctly.


The interesting part is what I do with him when we cannot leave the hotel. For some reason, I cannot get to the pictures I want to use to demonstrate how we “hang out” outside our room but within the hotel’s area. Bummer. Well, when we leave the hotel…. My husband drives us all to a supermarket called Tesco Lotus or to one that is named Big C. This year Central Festival opened so that is also an alternative for us to go to. It is a mall that has a smaller supermarket called Tops Market which is more expensive than the other two but it has a bigger variety in products. We look for things such as whole wheat pasta or chicken liver.

We let Zoard take things off the shelves and build towers of them. Koh Samui is very child friendly and he never damages anything. We always put back everything after he is finished. Does this sound odd?


We mostly go to the mall to let Zoard walk freely without being in danger of getting hit by something or falling off a mountain or getting bit by a dog or snake. You know, the usual stuff. HAHA

Zoard might not be a fan of the Thai brand called CCdoubleO but I like that they copied Abercrombie and Fitch without being super expensive…

Zoard just woke up. Please feel free to comment…

Do You Have a Favorite Ritual or Routine?

I think people of all ages can feel an inner balance when they have something (besides having SOMEONE to trust) they can count on. Even if you love spontaneity. Yes, I am talking about You! HAHA

Zoard is 18 months old now. He wakes up pretty much when we wake up around 6 or 7?


While my husband makes sure that the hotel we live in has a happy gym, I take Zoard outside.

Outside to Zoard means leaving the hotel room we all live in. I take pictures of him around the hotel areas. I would like him to become a rep. for a brand one day so I am practicing for that…


The hotel is on a mountain so we have lots of stairs which is great because you can enjoy the view from everywhere. And it helps me when I am trying to capture Zoard…


 We live in the jungle, this is not to be confused with a “garden” so I can never leave Zoard to wonder off a bit but being part of a great adventure always has its give and take.

BREAKFAST RITUALS – oh do comment on this one please!!!

We only eat our lunch in the hotel’s restaurant (so we mostly eat in our room) because we feel it is more respectful towards the hotel’s guests if they can focus on their romantic vacation or dealing with their own family and they do not have to pay any attention to our Zoard. Zoard is a sweetheart and a charmer but he has a hard time tolerating high chairs, baby seats…

Therefor, the two of us have a breakfast ritual. I take out my overnight oats from the minibar (refrigerator for us) and I mix up Zoard’s oats with plain greek yogurt.


The ritual consists of Zoard feeding me and I feed him. I need to be honest with You, he needs to get better with the ratios. I like the same amount of oats, dried pears and coconuts in my mouth. And I like them ONLY in my mouth. Please tell me about your breakfast!

I would like to give credit to the lovely Ase. Without her I would not know what overnight oats are. Check out her blog and her tips on healthy breakfasts for example here.


I try to take Zoard to the hotel’s kids’ club (which Zoard and I call the playroom) around 10 o’clock. Before that, I take him swimming (which is followed by a bath or a shower) or I try to motivate him to let me edit some pictures by explaining to him step by step what I am doing. He likes to take out the memory card from my camera or charge the camera’s battery… But many times he is just impatient with me (poor me HAHA) telling me that he wants to go outside.





I noticed (it was not hard) that Zoard enjoys playing the most when I am half an arm away from him. If you ask me, I am a playful and creative person but my idea of having fun in the playroom is messing around on Instagram (my account name is krokovayeszter) while Zoard plays with something joyfully. 



I know You must be eager to find out what we do at lunch time and after that but let us leave some excitement for tomorrow’s blog post.

Any rituals you love in your weekdays or weekends?