I Had A This is Sooo EASY-Moment

I noticed that more people read my blog when I actually post on it so here it comes…

Do you ever read recipes or Do It Yourself projects where they say, this will be extremely easy and you are thinking: “maybe for You…”?!

Today I had a smoothie and I was thinking to myself, why doesn’t everyone drink smoothies?! When I worked as a psychologist AND I actually had a social life, people used to ask me, what do you eat to stay fit/healthy? Now I realize that things that I DO NOT eat help me stay in shape but at the same time, most people would faint from the idea of not eating chocolate, deep fried food or not drinking alcohol nor “sodas” (coke and friends).

So we really should focus on the action you can easily take, right?! Get a blender and use it! No, you do not need to get a Smoothie Recipe Book…

Always buy bananas, unsweetened yogurt and use the fruits you already have at home. Apples and bananas are boring for you?! Oh dear… Fine, keep something EXCITING in your freezer but still use the fruits or vegetables you have already bought… Today I used frozen sour cherries and fresh figs but you do not need to get exotic here… the whole point is to stay realistic. How can you make this part of your everyday routine?! Maybe putting kale, freshly picked from your garden is not for you.

Another snack idea I can share with you is only easy if you stock up on the ingredients. These PEANUT BUTTER BALLS are life savers, now that I have stopped eating desserts but I had to go to three different shops to buy everything…



Peanut butter without Palm Oil, Sea Salt, Sugar!
Meridian is the brand I found.

Dates without sugar (syrup coating)
BiOrganik is one brand I found and Farmers’ Snack is another.




I am sure you were surprised to see this bag of Fine Oatmeal but that is also a crucial ingredient.

And almonds, plus raisins. OK, these are optional…


You chop everything up in a bowl and you make balls. You place them on a tray and leave it in the freezer for at least 15 minutes. I usually put a tiny bit of water in the mixture to help the balls freeze a bit. And I use half a jar of peanut butter and ten dates for a small tray of snack balls. If you can ground almond and dates that makes it easier…

These snack balls can be kept in the freezer for months and in the refrigerator for weeks. If you have cholesterol problems, this is also good for you.

You would like to see the results?! Well, please go back to the first picture and you can see what is left of them… They are addictive!!!

What is Sooo Easy for You?