My Baby Turned 3 Years Old

There is a lot of talking about what is “fake” and what is “real” and I personally enjoy both worlds. I like to see birthday parties with well thought out themes and gigantic balloons, at the same time, candid shots can also be beyond beautiful.

Zoard is not a fan of seeing me take pictures of him when we are in our everyday moments.  And as much as I can, I try to be respectful about this. If you look at my Instagram feed @zoardminiboy, you will see that a lot of my pictures are planned out.

For Zoard’s 3rd birthday we tried to think with a three year old’s head. Or more like Zoard’s head…

So for example, he did not have a surprise cake instead I baked his birthday cake with him because I know that he loves cooking and baking. He enjoys being part of it all.


As soon as the cake was finished, Zoard was ready to dig in… He previously, picked out his pink cake from a Disney book written in the 20s called Daddies.


Here is a real moment capture for you. Zoard did not wish to wear a party hat and he sometimes hides when he is not sure how to behave in a situation.


We made a gigantic mess with confetti that I was sure he will be over the moon about. Well, it turned out, Zoard was more in to cleaning the confetti up…


His presents were simple ones. A note book, funky tapes (Scotch tapes), a puzzle and some apple crisps. The crisps was the biggest hit. He is very nice when it comes to sharing…

Thank you for reading and hope to see you on Instagram @zoardminiboy !


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