How to Dress a Winter Baby?

Zoard was born in January, in fact he will be 3 years old exactly a month from now. So if we were obsessive fans of the number 16, we would have all fingers and toes crossed for Assya to arrive today.

We are fine waiting for her and we are well prepared by now.

One question I was confused about while I was pregnant with Zoard is how to dress a baby, who makes his/her first appearance in winter time.

And now that I am experienced, I think that you need to know some facts about ideal temperature for a newborn and observe your surroundings or just trust your cultural believes if that is what suits you the most.

The safest room temperature for a newborn is between 16 degrees (Celsius) and 20.

Let us translate this: bodysuit and footed sleep suit (when shopping, you might come across the terms footie or footsieonesie or rompers).

For night time, use a sleeping bag designed for babies. I will post about my favorite brand, once Assya gets here.

Speaking of brands, I would like you to be introduced to Iglo + Indi.

Their philosophy combines playfulness and being practical.

For me, looks and the material of baby clothes is essential. I probably make a bigger fuss about this than most people.

I used to be all about Scandinavian children’s clothes but I can proudly announce that this brand is from Reykjavik so I have expanded my horizons. (Though the head designer Helga Olafsdottir studied fashion design in Denmark…)

The fabrics of these beauties are beyond exceptional and tear resistant! And let me show you what they look like with a few of my flat lays.


My husband, recently changed his deodorant because of the chemicals that were used in production, so I think this is a topic more and more parents are also interested in. The factories that make these baby clothes for Iglo + Indi provide healthy and fair conditions for everyone involved in the manufacturing. This includes the entire supply chain, chemical and biodegradability wise.

Thank you for reading!

xoxo Eszter
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