Selfie With Baby

I wished this to be a fun post and not a gloomy one so I did a tiny bit of research on what a selfie is. As odd as it may seem but it was only a few months back that I first heard this expression. I was at a cafe with a friend and I told her that I am amazed by the pictures my husband’s teenage sister posts on Facebook because I have a feeling I am missing out on a phenomenon. “She is taking selfies of herself” -was my friend’s clever explanation.

Later, I also found out that it is anything but cool to ask a teenager about her selfies. I was honestly curious: “so how did you come up with the idea of taking pictures of your boobs?”. The answer was wage something about just messing around with friends. The body language however, was clear as water: “let’s drop it!”.

If you feel like learning about selfies, I strongly suggest wikipedia to start out with. You will realize for example, that you are reading about the word of the year (in 2013)…

I would love to encourage any of you to share links to selfie related posts of yours in my comment below. 

My little project popped out of my head because my husband is away on business. I take pictures for him every day and so far I have seven to share with You. But wait! Could you let me know what you personally think about the selfie phenomenon? I am a curious person, it would be nice to know…



10 Things I Was Uncertain About

There were questions that were on my mind a lot. In some sense, I became wiser and some of these topics are off my plate by now.
I can also say the opposite, there are still a few unanswered questions waiting for some wisdom…

1. “Will I always suffer from bloating?”

No. Lactose-free milk helps tremendously. I am also not shy to be considered the pickiest person on Earth. I have my list of vegetables I do not put in my mouth. I just tell people I do not like the taste of them. Do I miss eating beans, onions, cabbages etc? Sometimes so it was a nice surprise to find out that red lentils are safe to eat!

2. “Will I ever find matching clothes for the whole family without paying a lot?”

I found and we can all be cute pandas from now on. I should have known that the place that will have matching outfits for the whole family will be Asian. Hurray!

3. “Is it OK not to give any liquid to my baby besides breast milk?”

Zoárd only had orange juice twice for fun and that is it. He is almost 13 months old and he hadn’t even had a sip of water. Breast feeding really works for us. 
If you are interested in a different post of mine about breast feeding, you can read it here.

4. “Is sleep training for us?”

A few weeks ago, I was confident with Zoárd’s routine. He guided me so I knew, he takes his nap between 1 and 3 and that is about right if I wish to see him in bed by 8. He needs 5 hours of being active before falling asleep. He wakes up around half past 7. 
All I did was: I taught him that I change him in to his night clothes and he can be breast fed as long as he likes in our nursing chair. I also sing him one song and once he is done, I put him on his mattress. I lay next to him until he falls asleep. He cannot nurse himself to sleep but he can come close to me with his body. I prevent him from “playing” with my hair. From the 3rd or 4th night he gets the picture. The secret is I think the day time routine.

5. “Will my linea nigra vanish once and for all?”

It is still there slightly. I obviously do not sun bathe to make it worst (like I would have time HAHA).
It looked like this 7 months after Zoárd was born. I am talking about the dark line you get during pregnancy, look here.

6. “Will Zoárd be able to socialize normally?”

He is a tiny bit a loner but I think nobody can tell that he lived on a Thai island for 7 months. If you are curious about my knowledge on Thai babies, you can read everything here.

7. “Can my baby be around dogs?”

We were invited to hang around at a fellow baby’s home and they had a pet. Nothing happened. Zoárd is safe and healthy. I had no idea before…

8. “Will my baby learn to eat properly if we stick the food in his mouth?”

Zoárd does not suck on toys. We prefer not to put food in his hands because nothing goes in his mouth, he throws everything on the floor. We are currently at this stage.

9. “Cutting or not cutting your baby’s hair?”

You are welcome to take a guess. HAHA
I know this is not a very serious problem of ours. When someone imagines how I spend my day with a baby, I guess at times, these are the light questions I think about while watching him. Here is a day of our lives back in Thailand. 

10. “Will we ever have a home?”

Home is where your loved ones are and your underwears. 
First I lived in Hungary, then the US, Hungary again, US, Hungary, UK, Hungary, Thailand, Spain, then Thailand again, back to Spain.
You can read about our adventures as we lived in a hotel for a long, long, long time. Click here.

This turned out to be a pretty personal post. PPP. I hope you liked it! 
What questions are on your mind?




What Do You Do With Your Partner After Your Baby Is Asleep?

I hope I will not disappoint you. I am not blushing, are you?!

I wrote in the summer about my ideas of a good marriage. We have ten years under our belt so I always tell myself that I am licensed to pass on my wisdom:

Now if Zoárd does not poo and require a diaper change, I will tell you what we do, when he takes a nap. We believe in the methods found in the Spartans community. “Discipline and physical toughness is emphasized” so Zoárd starts his one single nap per day at exactly 1 pm…..
‘I need to change his diaper’- our method must be failing, he should be able to change it for himself by now. HAHA

I do not remember the time when Zoárd had a nap at home. We go for walks, he sleeps in the stroller. Barcelona is a charming city, perfect for walking! You see nice things all the time!

But let’s not make the world of Barcelona so light and colorful. Sometimes it is hard work and lots of praying putting Zoárd to sleep in order to enjoy the lunch we booked for 1:03.

And now we are getting closer to what it is that we do while Zoárd sleeps. Well…

We eat.

And Spain is known for its tapas. So we order a LOT. 

We went to Casa de Tapes on Saturday and the 7 Portes on Sunday.

Do you think it is fun and sexy to eat a lot with your partner? Does it count what you are eating?

Quail. Would you eat it with the love of your life?

Beef. Macho or feminine? Unisex?

Aubergines and peppers. Is this something to share on a date?

Beef cannelloni. Is it a turn on or a turn off?

I am not done here. This post is about 2 lunches we had! Oh yeah…

Do you prefer fancy places or laid back ones?

Do you like to try out new tastes or do you prefer to order dishes you are already friends with?

Home-made gnocchies must be your favorite food. If not than what is?!

Accidental boob brush. Seriously. I asked the waitress to take another picture but my hair looked awful on the second one. But let’s concentrate on You know, what is it that you like to do with your Love?