What I Know About Thai Babies


I have been doing quite a bit of research on the subject so now I am confident at writing down a few things about babies from a Thai perspective:

– an amulet on a necklace is often seen on Thai babies: it protects against bad spirits
– a string worn on the wrist is to bind the kwan (functioning as a guardian angel) to the child 
– its best if the baby does not travel outside his home for the first 2-3 months (by traveling you are more likely to get in contact with bad spirits)
– the women after giving birth should wear sweaters and warm clothes and eat hot food in this time of vulnerability 
– babies are also feared to catch a cold not matter how humid and hot it is
– for this reason babies and young children are not taken outside in the dark ( = cold)
– the water as in sea is also “cold” you would not see Thai babies being dipped in to it
– having a boy and a girl child is highly desired so if you have two sons you will be asked frequently: when are you planning to have a third baby this time a girl
– at restaurants the waitresses might take your baby away while you eat (this happened to us last night but because he was always in view I accepted it)
– sometimes at birth they will paint the babies feet gold (the soul part) 
– a child’s cry is so stressful for Thai people that they will do anything to prevent it 
– it is unusual for men to get involved in the care of babies
– finger sucking is seen as a bad habit (so they take Zoárd’s finger out of his mouth when they see him sucking on it)
– some believe that toe sucking means that the baby will have a sibling
– Thais require modesty in public affairs but they do not mind breastfeeding in public if it is done discretely / in Bangkok there are breastfeeding rooms in some malls and in some establishment as I found out today by reading blogs on the matter/
– the naming of the baby is being advised by monks or psychics 
– nick names can be English words as well (Apple, Bank, Golf, Boy, Long)
– baby powder is used on the face of the baby as well to block sweating

Is there something interesting in your culture when it comes to babies?


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