Assya: 1 week old


Barcelona, 23rd of December, 2015

Assya was born at 41 weeks +6 days. The inducing of her birth took more than 24 hours.

I got the “chemicals” for the induction: Penicillin for Strep B; later: Oxytocin  and Epidural twice.

Yes, I was allowed to skip the Cesarean this time. The delivery was vacuum-assisted which made me upset at first but I had to change my attitude quickly (from pouting) to focusing and the team was very satisfied with my pushing skills. And I was utterly surprised by the task. I am sure it is a different experience when you do not have a vacuum buddy in the race or when you are not on epidural but I was positively surprised how easy the whole thing was. “I just have to hold my breath and push?!” I am good at holding my breath… I used to be a mermaid.


My Captain in Life

I cannot put in to words how much help I got from my husband in bringing Assya to this world and still do. Assya will have a mother and an angel guide her through life. When sometimes I am being asked: “and does your husband know how to change a diaper?!”, I always freeze for a second. “He is teaching me everything there is to know…” Seriously. You do not want to see how I do some occasional burping for Assya…

Assya is being held a lot and breastfed by demand.

She had her first check-up today and she gained almost 500 grams in a week.

She is now the same weight as she was born: 3870 gramm (8.53pounds).
Her height is now: 52,5 cm-s (20.6 inches)

I am wearing a nursing top that is also an active wear by ingridandisabel.
Assya is being snug and tight in her halosleepsack.

Thank you for reading this and I will be back with baby fashion and nursing fashion tips.

You can already see some great pictures on Instagram @zoardminiboy.



4 thoughts on “Assya: 1 week old

  1. Even though I do not really belong to your “target group of followers” and I’m really so far from children’s fashion, I write a few words.
    (You write so beautifully from the life. Mostly.)
    First of all, congratulations to the daughter and sister, to the birth of Assya and all of you look very great. A newborn is a great miracle, and I wish you a great time and the best in the world and a great new year, too.
    Greetings and all the best for you and yours.

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