41 weeks pregnant

I am back with another update. And this is my last one because I will not reach week 42 of this pregnancy for sure. Fingers crossed that Assya will join us in pleasant conditions.

I had heart monitoring today and everything is still good. I will have to go every second day now. We have 5 more days before the hospital induces labor.

I will write a little birth plan today. It will not be too long. I would like Assya to stay with me at all times, when it is possible. I am planning on exclusively breastfeeding as I did with Zoard. And though I am not a vegetarian anymore, I am still a picky eater so I will ask for vegetarian meals at the hospital. Because I remember that it was delicious in 2013… Is this something you put in your birth plan?! I am such a pig. HAHA

I am at home with Zoard but I really wanted to post some (maybe) last pictures of my belly. I took them with a timer and Zoard joined me in a few shots but I really think he prefers to be in pictures without me. HAHA


This is our belly shot. I am 57 kg-s and Zoard is about 14-15 kg-s.


We are both wearing maternity clothes. 


I was being artsy here with the negative space. And yes, I did tone my hair since my last post, at a hair salon. 

Thanks for reading and please make sure to find me on Instagram. My username is @zoardminiboy


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