New in Town?!

We have been back in Barcelona for a month now. I can share with you how I get by, however, you have to keep in mind that maybe my situation is a bit unique in the sense, that You might be more keen on socializing than I am at the moment.

I saw my midwife again yesterday and she is convinced that I am going to give birth within a week. I disagree with what her instincts dictate her but it still leaves me in  an awkward position.

I would like to go swimming with Zoard but am I risking something here?! There is a singing group today that I am found of but is there a possibility I will be among sick children?!

Anyways, I joined a few groups of expats and this is what I suggest to everyone who is new in Barcelona. And it does not matter what groups you join as long as you can connect with people who are similar to you.

I am very confident to ask for help and maybe that is not true for everyone but I am very aware of how I behaved in the past: I always helped others whenever I could, so I feel it is alright to lean on others, now that I am in need of help.

You can contact me here or write me a direct message on Instagram if you need help finding some groups for parents living in Barcelona. I am very active on Instagram so that is your best bet if you want me to react quickly. @zoardminiboy is my username.


As you can see, I might be more at home on toddler- or pregnant related questions but feel free to bomb me with anything that comes to your mind, if you just recently moved to Barcelona.


I can already tell you that we know a few places where you can eat piadina in Gracia. Zoard was keeping an eye on our night snack yesterday. Yes, we have started waking up late, going to bed late… You can easily find us walking around the neighborhood, after sunset.


A few days ago, it became colder but still we have no reason to complain. Barcelona is truly lovely!

xoxo, Eszter @zoardminiboy



How To Be Pretty (and Pregnant)

I tried to research on the topic of looking hot or more beautiful while being pregnant and I was surprised how little there is on the matter. It seems like, “oh darling, you have a glow” and that is it.

Or you can find the following: drink lots of water and eat healthy; sleep.

I am not saying, my post is going to be triple the times original but maybe I can add to the list of “wash your face”.

Speaking of washing your face, you will have to brush your teeth and use a facial scrub… Seriously! Even if you are not pregnant, washing your teeth in the middle of the day or in the morning, can make you feel so nice. You feel:

“I did something very nice for my teeth!”
“My breath smells better!”
“I used to this when I was getting ready for a date. I must be young again!”
(In case you have toddlers watching) “I am setting a good example!”
“I successfully completed a mission!” (Self-esteem booster)

Now what is the story behind the facial scrubbing?

I truly feel that some amount of make-up is important but I never had special make-up brushes and a make-up room or a proper mirror…

And I went without using a facial scrub for months. OK…years.

At the same time, I am a huge fan of the BB cream I use. I apply it with a concealer (Estee Lauder if you were curious) and it is The solution for me when I wish to hide my uneven skin. I used to look unnatural with all the foundations I applied on, before so this was revolutionary for me.

But(!) one day, my BB cream started flaking on my face and I was convinced that they changed the formula and there goes my luck… Well, it turned out that if you never use a facial scrub, your dead skin will eventually migrate from your face. Nasty, really…

Let us jump to the next chapter: you need some make-up (in my opinion).


I took this picture yesterday. I will start my 37th week of my pregnancy, tomorrow and I look normal, right?!

So before I start my mini lecture, the sunglasses and the top I am wearing are from here.

All you need to do is apply minimum two things that are noticeable. It is that simple. I prefer to use an eye pencil that is white or pistachio colored and I really like my purple mascara.

Next chapter: let your hair down and put some hair product in it. Gel, moose, wax whatever. Make an effort.

Before you frown, you can of course wear your hair in a bun IF
– you have crazy gorgeous hair
– you have a somewhat unique hair color
– you are wearing a lot of make-up so you look chick no matter what


I am focusing entirely on wearing make-up and having a hair with a palm full of moose in it, right?!

Right. This is what works for me. This is reasonable I think because it can be done under five minutes. And if you have a pretty face, you can get away with the rest… HUGS, Eszter @zoardminiboy on Instagram

Pregnant in Barcelona: 10 Questions and Answers

This will be my second time to give birth in Barcelona. Sometimes, I did not fancy searching the Net for answers regarding questions like what to take if you have a heartburn; where can I find biodegradable diapers; what to do when the building you live in has an elevator a size of a potato beetle.


Here is the deal, you can read some questions and the solutions/answers of mine and if you think of something else, contact me. Your best bet is to find my on Instagram: @zoardminiboy.

1. What do you do with your heartburn?

I take Almax (chewing tablette). I sleep on my side with at least 4-5 pillows. I eat small amounts.

2. Where did you find a maternity pillow?

Prenatal has one with a light blue cover. It is not cheap but the first time I was pregnant we bought one. I would also check what deals has at the moment if I were to buy one now.

3. I have to take iron tablets, will I vomit from it?

Well, if you do, do not be shy to ask your midwife to recommend another brand. I am taking Ferbisol and this one is fine for me, though it is a bit strict how you have to take these tablets. Preferably with Vitamin C (orange, grapefruit…). Vegetables and milk products, tea, coffee are not the right choices to eat/drink before taking your iron tablet. Absorbing is a key factor…

4. A pram will not fit in our elevator, could this be??

Yes. So I will post some updates but our plan is to use a carrier with an insert designed for newborns. Slings are your other alternative, along with your creativity. But it is a REAL problem.

5. Where can I get biodegradable diapers?

We are using the ones that Veritas sells for Zoard and this is our plan for Assya as well. We used to cloth diaper when Zoard was tiny but everything was from the States and without a dryer it was super tough. For us at least.

6. What do you put on your stretch marks?

I like all the products of Weleda and it is a brand that you can find in so many places. The shampoo, shower gel for Assya will be Weleda as well. It is expensive and stretch marks have to do more with genetics than what you put on your skin but if you are keen on pampering yourself, Weleda has a nice smell and it does not leave stains on your clothes.

7. Where to buy maternity clothes in Barcelona?

If you do not want to pay a lot, look at the clothes on sale at Prenatal or try H & M. This time around, I bought nothing for myself, I borrowed a few things and I am wearing my regular clothes and my husband’s sweaters. If money is not an issue, you can even go online because shipping to Spain is quite good. For nightgowns I found one in Benetton and Primark but I have pajamas from Victoria’s Secret and Hatley as well.

8. Where to buy easy-to-put-on shoes?

My loafers are from Massimo Dutti. As Spanish as it gets!

9. Where to buy socks that will not leave a mark on your skin?

Calzedonia has very simple socks that they sell in at least ten colors I think. They always have a buy 3 or 5 deal…

10. Where can you find used baby clothes?

It is wise to be part of an expat group and ask around. A shop that has both used and new clothes, that I like, is called La Baldufa. It is close to the Fontana station. They have a Facebook page you can check out.

Here is another belly shot at 36 weeks. Thanks for reading!
xoxo, Eszter @zoardminiboy

Birthday, Baby, Barcelona

I just finished my birthday yogurt (a very special kind, I got from my boys) and I am planning to make a very sophisticated plan on how to do today’s ultrasound. The appointment is at 3 o’clock and Zoard and I will have to leave around 2 (nap time…) because leaving our apartment doesn’t always go smoothly…


I decided to share some shots we took on our terrace, yesterday and the day before. We love the weather here in Barcelona and it is so ideal for taking pictures. Basically, you just need to find the right angle and get the models to cooperate. Easier said than done?!

This is really me though as you can see on the picture above this one, I do not always look this big. But undoubtedly I am huge. I am guessing Assya might be a giant baby like Zoard was, who knows?! Anyways, I am eating healthy, I swim whenever I can and all my results are great. But just to calm the nerves, here is another shot with a different angle…HAHA


I am the ambassador of a clothing brand (The LB Brand) but I cannot post the pictures of myself before they write their blog posts about it so the pictures I CAN show were all taken in the past so it is not that interesting to see my belly from a month before. Is it?!


Here are some FACTS you might fancy:
Zoard is 33 months old.
Assya is 33 weeks old.
I turned 36 today.
Yes, Assya was planned.
I was 45kg-s (99,2 lbs)when I got pregnant and now I am 57kg-s (125,6 lbs).
Yes, I will give birth in Barcelona. No, I haven’t met my doctor yet and really, I do not mind.


Thanks for reading my BBB post and if you wish to see more pictures, do not hesitate to follow us on Instagram @zoardminiboy!