For Me It Is A Big Deal!

I posted about our situation many times. My husband has no days off and we live at his work place in a five star hotel where we try to blend in. Maybe blending in is not the right expression. We are trying to be invisible! 

So when we were given a task to buy a pelmet for the hotel… it meant going out! It also meant testing out the stroller without the basket part since Zoárd can now sit with full control… Hurray!!!

Here we are looking for a pelmet… oh…good spot to take a picture! Thanks Honey!

This was already such a treat for us! But we became wild and adventurous and decided to have a second lunch at a random restaurant. Living on the edge…. HAHA

Are you spotting the difference? Look at my wrist! No, the other one…

Our story does not end here. The following day… ready for the news?!

I went to the spa for a massage! I did everything like the hotel guests. I did hesitate a little to put on the robe which will only be on me for a few seconds and it is so wasteful, a lot of energy goes in to washing a robe… “Oh just stop and enjoy it!” – I told myself.

My husband was with Zoárd while I had my 60 minutes of sweet pleasure in the spa. I went with him afterwards to check on a few things and since I had the camera with me I asked the gym’s receptionist to take a picture of us. And he did! If you remember…

This current picture came out funny because the camera did not like the hundreds of stripes on the top part of my dress…. the pattern looks very strange around my boob… so enjoy the flower I edited on it! HAHA

Oh my… While I am typing this… Zoárd fell down on the floor, badly… Zoárd opened the slide door… He can stand up now! He does not know how to get back on his knees though… 

He is standing!

Oh boy! He is really standing!

And he smiled and laughed from joy in the beginning!

But now he is full of tears. He is constantly crying… (I am not taking pictures of his misery)

He stands up but he does not know how to get back. So he either falls with a huge bang or he stands there crying. And you would think he will be pleased after I help him… but that is not the case…

So his big deal has its disadvantages… Any advice on this matter?


38 thoughts on “For Me It Is A Big Deal!

    • Walking?!
      He is only 8 months old… that is so far from now… right?!

      My wrist hurts a lot. I am not sure what the medical term for this is in any language. Zoárd is a big baby and I assume this happens to mothers all around the globe…

      I have my back facing him while I type but I know he stood up again in his crib (I tried to put him down for a nap). He is playing with the curtains letting the sunlight in…

      • V was standing at 8 steps at 10 month’s walking by 11.
        More than likely you have a mild sprain or something. Or sure happens while carrying a heavy baby. How much Does zoard weigh now? His flip cloth diapers look like there on the last snap setting. V is on 3 in one side and 4 in on the other.
        Sounds just like v playing with the curtains. Hee hee little monkey

      • You do not use the same setting on both sides on the cloth diapers? It causes leaking for us… We are doing 3 and 3 and it is too tight on the bottom row…
        Zoárd is around 10 kg-s..

      • It is the opposite side of my wrist that hurts. The one that is closer to my pinky finger. Today I will try not to type so much… oops… like what I am doing now…

  1. Advice? Can’t think of any… except that they mostly learn to solve their own problems rather quickly. Exception being my son who was rocking on his knees trying to crawl at 5 months and screaming in frustration at not being able to until he FINALLY worked it out at nearly nine months… oh my goodness it was so much more pleasant all of a sudden. Two weeks later he was walking unassisted – so when they work something out they can really put it together!

    My daughter was slow to walk – a whole ten months 😉 . Zoard will be all over it very soon, I suspect.

    What did happen to your wrist?

    • I hope you are right. He hit his head a few times and I do not want him to get a severe injury.

      Zoárd weighs 10 kg-s and I guess my wrists are not happy about this amount… Plus I type a lot!

    • thank youuuuuuu
      i am trying to type less today to get my wrist a rest…

      i downloaded a bad version of despicable me 2… i need to find a different version of it…

  2. Wow! Standing already! I remember you being worried about Z not sitting not so long ago. I agree with Sarah, he’ll be walking by 1!! I hope your wrist is okay! Take good care, lovely. x

      • Oh, it goes really fast! Believe me, I know… I think ALL Mama Birds do! On another note: I had a dream that you, me and Sarah met up for a girls and their babies vacation. How funny is that?!

      • I like the idea! I am taking a mental note on this. Who knows…
        I met up with a girl a few month ago in Budapest whom I met over the Net (in a club called January moms – she was going to give birth in the same month as me) and it turned out while we were emailing each other that we have met several times in Tucson, Arizona 20 years ago. I even managed to find a picture of both of us on it. Sometimes weird but cool things happen… It sure would make an awesome story… “It all started with a dream…”

  3. Oh, my advice, for what it’s worth is to let Z figure it out! I would just make sure there are lots of pillows around him so that when he falls he will be safe. My feeling is that this is a quick stage. 🙂

  4. As for Zoárd having trouble getting back down after pulling up, don’t worry, he’ll figure it out. When my son started pulling up, he’d do the same thing: stand until his legs couldn’t take it anymore and then plop back down on his bum. When he did that, I would start clapping and saying “yay, good job, you got back down”. Eventually, he stopped crying when he plopped back down.

      • Hum, I guess that’s your call. I’m definitely not always behind my son or following him because I figure that if he doesn’t learn how to fall, he’ll never learn to get back up. He’s had quite a few little bumps and bruises. I typically only intervene when I have a feeling he’ll get seriously hurt. When he does get hurt – as it has happened a couple of times – I typically only have to scoop him up in my arms and he’s good to go exploring again 5-10 minutes later.

  5. You are so hilarious seriously like naturally funny. Everytime I read your posts I always laugh somehow lol.
    That picture of your edited flower, before I read that you edited it I was just looking at it like… wait does her dress have a flower just attached like that? hmm wait the flower looks like fake.. hmm is it like a 3d flower dress…. and then I read that whole something went wrong… lol u r funny.

  6. I hope your wrist is feeling better soon! Zoard’s face when he’s standing up is sooo cute… so surprised with himself haha! Lucky you having a spa treat, I always feel like my head’s in the clouds and so dopey after a spa session! x

  7. were you working out in the cute lil dress?!? 🙂 No advice for the standing and no place to go dilemma. They tend to work it out pretty quickly though. Love your pics and your updates!

    • Thanks!
      I did not work out because I went to the spa instead, plus my wrist is not doing too good… I walked with my husband who had to look at things like how the second restaurant will look once it will be finished… It is next to the gym…

  8. Glad you got a chance to relax by yourself. It’s amazing what one hour of “me” time can do for a mom!

    I have a very similar brace that I have had to pull out numerous times over the last few years thanks to my ginormous little one. Drs diagnosed me with tendonitis due to carrying such a heavy kid (and the pain radiates from the wrist to my elbow and occasionally up to my shoulder). So much fun, right?! Being a Mom can be hazardous to your health!

    Look how fast your little man is growing up! From my experiences with my 3, it seems like he is trying to figure everything out on his own and doesn’t like the interference from you (even though it’s your job to interfere – haha). Sometimes at this stage, there is no winning for the parent. They can’t quite figure things out yet, but they want to be independent and there is no consoling them. I still deal with this a little with my 2-year-old as he hits new phases too. All we can do is keep offering support and one day he will take off! 🙂 Good luck!

      • it probably is. Eventually the pain goes away….and then it will randomly show up again months later. It’s so weird. I usually just take a pain killer and try to work through it because I don’t think there is anything you can do other than wear the brace and then surgery if it gets really bad. 😦 Hope yours feels better quickly! Those big babies are so bad for moms! haha!

  9. I don’t have any advice, but it looks like you got some great tips above in another comment. 🙂

    I’m glad that you had an excuse/opportunity to have a day out; I’m sure it gets really frustrating being so isolated in a new place. Are you permanently living there, or is it just for a set period of time?

    It looks like you had great day at the spa! It’s my opinion that every mom should get one of those at least once a month. 😉 LOL

  10. I hope your wrist gets better soon! The stroller looks great without the basket, also. Does Zoard like the new look? Zoard is super cute standing up:)
    What did they do to you at the spa? I like your 7 dwarfs T-Shirt! 🙂

    • Oh thanks! That T-Shirt is different from what I would normally buy but maybe that is what made it so attractive to me when I was pregnant (that is when I bought it in Barcelona).
      Zoárd is OK with the stroller. He is much happier having total freedom but he cannot have that all the time. The stroller is not that great looking at it as a baby product. It is not easy to buckle Zoárd in and closing up the stroller is very demanding physically.
      I had an oil massage in the spa. 🙂

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