Weekend Photo Challenge : /Week 1/ Cuddly And More…

I am trying to do this the right way.  Sarah even sent me a print screen of how this should look like. Sarah’s blog is http://journey2dfuture.wordpress.com/ and that is where I read about the photo challenge which will go on for 8 weeks. 

I am not so good at following rules but at the same time I like to take it seriously when others initiate a game. Playfulness is important for me. And though I never really belonged to a community or a group of people it is something I desire.

I was very happy to read the themes for this project. Cuddling is the title for this Saturday. I am in LOVE with my boys and moments as such are very precious to me.

OK. Where is the twist?

I am not sure whether I am supposed to stop at this point or not… I would like to share other things I did this morning…

I researched on a couple of things.
One was a question I had about a facial expression that Zoárd picked up a couple of days ago. Now I know that it is called scrunching.


We found this cute and funny but as a psychologist I tend to be analytical at times: I started to think what if something is bothering him.  It was hard to find info on this because I thought sniffing might be a good keyword…

If you want to see very cool people who tried to copy childhood pictures and poses you will love this collection: http://imgur.com/a/e0iIj

What else did I do? We are a bit indecisive on how to create a free space for Zoárd in our hotel room where we live in.


The floor might be an excellent quality but it rubs your skin off if you happen to be a commando type of crawler. (I just looked up the term! Babies who drag themselves forward with their arms while their belly is on the floor. This was my side note. HAHA)

I am trying to put our few soft belongings on the floor to protect Zoárd but this is the second day we are experimenting with this because I know that it is not ideal.

If you are wondering why there is a hug bag bundle next to Zoárd on the picture… Housekeeping does our laundry (except for our beloved cloth diapers) and I let Zoárd play with it supervised. Is it dumb to let his little fingers get used to touching bags which are a source of hazard? 

Next topic! 
We live in a five star hotel but I haven’t used its spa since we came back to the island. I only leave Zoárd with his daddy after 5 for an hour when I use the gym. So my only chance would be to ask for someone to come up to our room from the spa at nap time… I tried twice now but the spa was always busy and we do not believe in flashing the wild card: “I am your boss’s wife!”.

I am really bad at doing things that involve being good with your hands but I managed to paint my nails after a year of not having nail polish on. This calls for a celebration! Right?!

PS: many times I order thin noodles with scrambled eggs and tomatoes. That is what you can see on my plate. What?! What would You order from the kitchen if you were a picky vegetarian?!

Before I finish this post. Since I think this turned out to be a baby related post… I have a question. 

Is it OK to let a baby play with your tennis shoes? No, not a brand new pair…



19 thoughts on “Weekend Photo Challenge : /Week 1/ Cuddly And More…

  1. Your son is so adorable! For the record, I let my son play with plastic bags. Don’t know if it’s going to bite me in the a** later on, but I don’t see any harm as long as it is supervised play. He likes the scrunching sound they make and likes to fill and empty them. As for your tennis shoes, I know my little guy has a fascination with laces, so he has played with my gym shoes on more than one occasion.

    • Good to know! I had a mommy friend email me when she saw Zoárd on another picture with a bag if I were serious.. So it made me thinking…
      I am glad to hear I am not the only one… 😛

  2. Yay thanks for taking part. 🙂 cute picture.
    As for the bags ive never let V.. nor the shoes. We’re very germmy here.. dont touch its dirty is the first thing our my mouth lol.
    Yay for nail polish, my nails have been so poor recently splitting and peeling. Im guessing its lack of vitamins or the cheap washing up liquid i bought. :/

    • Thank you for telling me about this photo challenge!

      I can proudly say I just collaborated with my husband in washing Zoárd’s hands. 🙂

      My nails are this long because nails like the sun. I am always in the hotel room but my nails just know it that it is very hot outside. 😛

  3. He is adorable! You have such an interesting life of living in a hotel! I live in a small apartment complex, and I wish we had a pool and a gym.

    My husband is a germaphobe, so it would make him queasy if our daughter were playing with our shoes!

    • I don’t use the pool because the guests are already fighting for the sunbeds. Plus being in a bikini in front of the staff is a bit tacky. They are very shy… But the gym I visit with a huge smile all the time!

      I think I should be more concerned with germs but I love to let Zoárd experiment with objects he finds interesting. Supervised mostly.

  4. Your little Zoard is so adorable! I believe if you are watching him it’s ok to let him play with those bags….but you really need to watch! I love learning about your life in the hotel, so very interesting…your nails look marvelous, Dear!!

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