Living Again in the Five Star Hotel…

I am utterly surprised. I was going to sit down by my laptop to write an email to a dear friend of mine but while I was waiting for gmail to stop saying “loading”, I ended up here.

I thought I ended blogging. Why? I have a new passion one might say. Instagram. Plus I felt my blogging became one sided. I did not have time anymore to read my sweet fellow blogger’s posts and I felt rotten about it.

Enough said about why I betrayed my own blog. By the way, if you read this much so far, you are very kind. And if you happen to be saying to yourself, oh I hope she will not end this post without telling me how I can find her on Instagram…. I have good news for you. I will tell you and I will also tell you a bit about how our life is nowadays. What is the last thing you know about us? Oh yes… my eyebrows… They are doing fine, thank you. I found someone at the spa, here in Thailand who was shocked at “how thin I like it” but is willing to do the shaping.

What spa?! What Thailand?! Oh boy… are you new to my blog? Hey, no worries…. I will fill you in quickly: my husband runs a beautiful hotel, here on Samui and we actually live in the hotel. We did live in Spain too… twice…

Anyways, Zoard can now use words like gecko and shy. He can say sawadee khap when he feels like it. Well sort of. He is better at putting his hands together to greet someone with respect. And highfiving is super easy for him even when he feels somewhat shy about it. He loves the buggies that take us up to our room. The hotel is on a hill…

Do you want to see some of my pictures? And I am krokovayeszter on Instagram…

For some reason, I cannot see any of the pictures I am trying to attach to this post and I am at the point of giving up. If you do happen to see some random pictures at the end of this post then that is great, if not, so sorry. I have no idea why… xoxo


Pregnancy Versus Eyebrow Shaping

Lana had a writing challenge that I just read about. I have two hours until the deadline… I will make it! Lana’s idea is to go down nostalgia lane. Please check out what she wrote here. I also like what Jenni wrote for this challenge, in fact I am checking out a book she mentioned right now. You can read her post here. Thank you for motivating me!

As I understood, the challenge is to think of a “happy time”. I know that my husband would also agree that for both of us it is a great “memory” when I finally became pregnant without a miscarriage. So I started looking at the pictures I took of myself and of my husband every single day of my (our) pregnancy and I was feeling bubbly and joyful inside until I thought of the context I would write in. It would have been logical to write about the ten IUI-s and about the previous time, before we met with doctors. And it became clear to me that I still feel a lot of anger inside me. We were not encouraged to try some more on our own, after a whole year of no success and though I do not know for sure but this might have been a big mistake. It is not something I should dwell on but maybe it is easier on my soul if I feel nostalgic over the times when I liked the shape of my eyebrows.

This is me taken by me. I had to use my eyebrow gel to make my eyebrows look darker. I asked the hairdresser to match it up with my roots that I had her color yesterday. I also asked her to make me look similar to Zoárd. Double my fault. HAHA

If you are new to my blog: He is Zoárd, our lovely baby. 

I like my thin eyebrows here and we look like a nice couple. Which we are, I am not saying we are not anymore… HAHA

I know, I know… You cannot see my eyebrows on this picture… but it is a nice dress I am wearing, wouldn’t you agree?!

There! Thin eyebrows and blond hair. Are you staring at something else?!

I am starting to be very random. Here is a picture of me when I was young. Very young. Are you starting to understand why Zoárd is dressed so colorfully?! 

Do you find yourself focusing on other topics when something is difficult for you to talk about?

How True Are You To Yourself ?

I had a dilemma giving a title to this post. I was planning on expressing both with words but mostly with pictures some of the things I have done lately focusing on anything that is new to me at the moment. I was going to jump right in and share with You my new phone. And then Heather found my blog and asked me if I were able to share a link to her blog which raises awareness to a disease that can be prevented. Namely, it is Asbetos Awareness Week. You can read about it more here.

Recently, Zoárd had the fortune to see both his grandmothers. Because of these visits, I defined who I am in many situations I think. There was an exercise we did in one of my psychology classes back in my university years. You had to finish the sentence “I am….” ten times. Go ahead, grab a pen or your keyboard and give it a try…


… a thoughtful person. This is over-rated by me but I like remembering the little things mentioned by others. Zoárd does not “mention” yet what is important to him but I try to notice anyways. I scrubbed, washed and dried his green shoe because it is his teddy bear.

Back to the green shoe a bit: if anyone knows where I can purchase more of it, please let me know. It was originally a present given by my sister and she found the pair at an Irish pub. But one got lost…

… a lover of my two men. My little man was visiting my big man at his school. 

Graduation picture!!!

… a friend. I would like to be a better friend so I am sending out flying kisses right now to all my friends. And just so it is clear. I had my first hot dog. 

If you would like to know how my meat eating started, I suggest you read how I waved good-bye to being a vegetarian.

And one more thing: this is a tofu hot dog!!! So sorry! I meant to eat a real one but I thought they would have a chicken hot dog or a beef hot dog… 

… a healthy person. We could start debating on what counts as being healthy but what I would really like to shout out loud is:
I bought a membership and I started swimming again!!!! 

… a supporter. I take this role very seriously. I am hoping that I can help without being controlling. I let Zoárd find his own path. 

… curious. I deliberately did not write open-minded because that would have sounded strange. Let me explain. This is my new phone and this is the first time I am the owner of a touch screen phone. Obviously, I was among the conservative telephone owners. So how open-minded can I be, right?! It was time for me to embrace this new experience and with many things I was curious enough to say yes, please!

And I also said yes to sea weed. It is our first time cooking with it. You see, it is not part of the typical Hungarian cuisine… 

And a curious mommy can raise a curious child… 

… playful. Why am I adding more and more pictures of Zoárd when I am trying to explain who I think I am?! Well, I have more pictures of him being cute and I am guessing I have something to do with the fact that he loves playing with a box of tea in his snowman shoes… HAHA
I wrote a very sweet post on playfulness. Modesty is not on my list, OK?! HAHA You can read the post here.

Alright, I stop here. I am looking forward to all comments. Stay true to yourself!!!



What To Do in Barcelona

I cannot deny that I have a baby and he goes where I go. Nevertheless, the places I will recommend this time, are suitable for childless people as well. In most cases. 

Bar Velódromo

Old fashioned cafe, slash restaurant, slash bar. They are open 24 hours. 

Fried eggs on french fries is a specialty worth trying out if you want something “Spanish” and thumbs up for their duck paté.

Jaime Beriestain

This gentelman has a design shop and an elegant restaurant. We had coffee and dessert in the restaurant at least three times.

We never booked a table but you need to if you do not want to end up sitting by the bar (which we personally did not mind a couple of times). The pecan cake is delicious but you never know what cakes they have waiting for you. Unless… we asked a waitress about their pecan cake and she said our best bet is to come on Sunday or Monday. This picture shows a pear cake with home-made ice cream taken on a day that was neither Sunday or Monday. HAHA

Pudding Cafe

This place was designed by Mister Beriestain as well but he is more silent about it. This is a funky place, that has affordable cakes and brunch type of food. Ideal for babies and children. They advertise themselves as a cafe for teens. 

I did write that the cafe is funky…

You can take loads of pictures here.

The affordable cakes I mentioned…


This is a huge shop full of design furniture and stuff, you can also find funny objects that can make great gifts. A place that I would recommend to anyone. Anyone who visits us gets a tour here. And we found a tiny room that sells somewhat unique toys for children.

There is carpet everywhere in Vincon. So we were not shy to put Zoárd on the floor.

There were some sample toys in the paper house and Zoárd was happy to show them to a younger baby…

Mama’s Cafe

This is a cafe that has a kind of upper floor (a few steps lead you to it) and in front of a big sofa are some toys. I like their cakes and coffee. 

I like the toys too…

Ludoteca in the Parc de la Ciutadella

I absolutely love this playground! The park is amazing as well but the playground!!! They bring out special toys to play with between 11 and 2 and they do the same I think after 4:30.


Jardins d’Ermessenda de Carcassona

This playground is next to a library if you need one: Biblioteca Esquerra DL Eixample Agustí Centelles. It has a special rubber ground.

I personally think this playground might me more fun for older kids.

It was certainly good for taking a few steps… Zoárd can take 5-6 steps now!!!

Graffitis in Barcelona

I can say for sure that Grácia is full of graffitis and they really put a smile on your face.

Sometimes one likes to own a cheerful picture as this one. I am not saying Gaudi is not fun enough… HAHA

If you would like to read more about baby friendly places, I suggest you look at my previous post on the topic here.

Next time I will post a more personal one about how we have been. Let me know what you thought about this post… 





9 Tips On How To Be More Romantic?

This time, I really, really, really did a gigantic research on my topic. WikiHow is fantastic!
I wished to find out how to be more romantic. And I noticed, that this topic is mostly aimed at men. Well, ladies… this post of mine is looking at You or should I correct myself and say it is looking at Me. HAHA

You might be puzzled because I recently wrote about how my husband and I make the most of our time spent together:
And I also wrote tips on how to keep your husband/boyfriend:

So to ease your confusion, being romantic takes work and I haven’t specifically worked on being romantic in the real sense of the word. Of course you can always find lists where being a romantic wife only requires honesty; talking with your spouse without having the television on and taking walks. Sorry to sound big-headed but these are the minimum for me. I hoped I could challenge myself in order to improve my romantic side.

1. If He Appreciates Them Give Him Flowers
How was this a challenge, you think. Did I have to make my husband like flowers to start out with? My husband actually has a flower type he might call his favorite in a dating game. Tulips. However, he is not wild about flowers that are not in a pot. The challenges that I was facing were:
finding tulips in a pot;
finding a flower shop that is opened during siesta (my fault);
fitting in the flower shop with the stroller;
taking the flower up in the elevator which is so tiny, even our stroller can hardly fit inside it;
See?! If this is already a “challenge” for me than I really need to “work” on being more romantic.

2. Give Him a Personalized Gift

I thought of baking him an apple pie. Huh?! – is that what you just said?! HAHA
My husband is trying to lower his cholesterol so these are some of the ingredients I could not use:
- wheat
- sugar
- butter/margarine or vegetable oil

3. Do Something For Him That He Dislikes Doing (Chore) 

This was a great idea. At our home, I do not take care of my husband’s clothes, the ones that need a special treatment. Maybe I should, maybe I shouldn’t. This is an interesting question but let me show you what I managed to do… HAHA
I took his pants and a knitted sweater to be professionally cleaned.
One pants of his needed a tailor…
I hand-washed the collars of his shirts. Zoárd helped me with the final stage: taking them out of the washing machine.


4. Take Him On a Date

My husband enjoys picking out the places we try out when we eat out. But of course he would never reject to a good brunch if I found one. I was slightly nervous about this but luckily, I found a great local cafe. I think it is not strong to say: he is not a fan of me taking pictures of his food when he is trying to start eating… So I took a picture of my pancake.

5. Compliment on Him 

This almost made me anti-romantic! If you read about this tip on the Internet they will warn you about irony. And at first, it was difficult for me to compliment on my husband’s idea to out grow his beard again. But now I am OK with it, I even found a funny article:
So though I prefer the first look for my husband, I will be just as happy with the second look…


6. Leave a Love Note

Literally, everywhere you will find that writing a love poem is the best. Well, I came up with a comparison and wrote that on a heart. My love is like an invisible walking stick that will be with my husband forever. I was quite proud of myself so do not make jokes about this… unless they are very funny ones…

7. Look Sexy

It might seem that everything is an “effort” for me. Well, my idea of being sexy is surprisingly different from what my husband likes. Though he might protest and say he has no problem with the first look either, he just thinks the teletubby look is nicer on me… 


8. Name a Dish After Him

I found this creative so I actually did this. You will probably not ask for the recipe because remember when I go low cholesterol shopping I come home with things like…

9. Listen To The Clues He is Giving

I really understand that this is a helpful idea to give to someone who would like to be more romantic. For example, my husband told me a couple of days ago that the chicken with the black feet are a specialty. The only problem is, you have to buy the whole chicken and prepare it yourself at home. So that could be a tip if I ever think of surprising my husband with a treat…




Selfie With Baby

I wished this to be a fun post and not a gloomy one so I did a tiny bit of research on what a selfie is. As odd as it may seem but it was only a few months back that I first heard this expression. I was at a cafe with a friend and I told her that I am amazed by the pictures my husband’s teenage sister posts on Facebook because I have a feeling I am missing out on a phenomenon. “She is taking selfies of herself” -was my friend’s clever explanation.

Later, I also found out that it is anything but cool to ask a teenager about her selfies. I was honestly curious: “so how did you come up with the idea of taking pictures of your boobs?”. The answer was wage something about just messing around with friends. The body language however, was clear as water: “let’s drop it!”.

If you feel like learning about selfies, I strongly suggest wikipedia to start out with. You will realize for example, that you are reading about the word of the year (in 2013)…

I would love to encourage any of you to share links to selfie related posts of yours in my comment below. 

My little project popped out of my head because my husband is away on business. I take pictures for him every day and so far I have seven to share with You. But wait! Could you let me know what you personally think about the selfie phenomenon? I am a curious person, it would be nice to know…


10 Things I Was Uncertain About

There were questions that were on my mind a lot. In some sense, I became wiser and some of these topics are off my plate by now.
I can also say the opposite, there are still a few unanswered questions waiting for some wisdom…

1. “Will I always suffer from bloating?”

No. Lactose-free milk helps tremendously. I am also not shy to be considered the pickiest person on Earth. I have my list of vegetables I do not put in my mouth. I just tell people I do not like the taste of them. Do I miss eating beans, onions, cabbages etc? Sometimes so it was a nice surprise to find out that red lentils are safe to eat!

2. “Will I ever find matching clothes for the whole family without paying a lot?”

I found and we can all be cute pandas from now on. I should have known that the place that will have matching outfits for the whole family will be Asian. Hurray!

3. “Is it OK not to give any liquid to my baby besides breast milk?”

Zoárd only had orange juice twice for fun and that is it. He is almost 13 months old and he hadn’t even had a sip of water. Breast feeding really works for us. 
If you are interested in a different post of mine about breast feeding, you can read it here.

4. “Is sleep training for us?”

A few weeks ago, I was confident with Zoárd’s routine. He guided me so I knew, he takes his nap between 1 and 3 and that is about right if I wish to see him in bed by 8. He needs 5 hours of being active before falling asleep. He wakes up around half past 7. 
All I did was: I taught him that I change him in to his night clothes and he can be breast fed as long as he likes in our nursing chair. I also sing him one song and once he is done, I put him on his mattress. I lay next to him until he falls asleep. He cannot nurse himself to sleep but he can come close to me with his body. I prevent him from “playing” with my hair. From the 3rd or 4th night he gets the picture. The secret is I think the day time routine.

5. “Will my linea nigra vanish once and for all?”

It is still there slightly. I obviously do not sun bathe to make it worst (like I would have time HAHA).
It looked like this 7 months after Zoárd was born. I am talking about the dark line you get during pregnancy, look here.

6. “Will Zoárd be able to socialize normally?”

He is a tiny bit a loner but I think nobody can tell that he lived on a Thai island for 7 months. If you are curious about my knowledge on Thai babies, you can read everything here.

7. “Can my baby be around dogs?”

We were invited to hang around at a fellow baby’s home and they had a pet. Nothing happened. Zoárd is safe and healthy. I had no idea before…

8. “Will my baby learn to eat properly if we stick the food in his mouth?”

Zoárd does not suck on toys. We prefer not to put food in his hands because nothing goes in his mouth, he throws everything on the floor. We are currently at this stage.

9. “Cutting or not cutting your baby’s hair?”

You are welcome to take a guess. HAHA
I know this is not a very serious problem of ours. When someone imagines how I spend my day with a baby, I guess at times, these are the light questions I think about while watching him. Here is a day of our lives back in Thailand. 

10. “Will we ever have a home?”

Home is where your loved ones are and your underwears. 
First I lived in Hungary, then the US, Hungary again, US, Hungary, UK, Hungary, Thailand, Spain, then Thailand again, back to Spain.
You can read about our adventures as we lived in a hotel for a long, long, long time. Click here.

This turned out to be a pretty personal post. PPP. I hope you liked it! 
What questions are on your mind?